Who is QVC US' new host Anthony Heywood?

Caption : Anthony Heywood

Anthony Heywood is the new hosts on QVC. The British television show host recently moved to West Chester, Pennsylvania to join QVC US. He was previously a host on QVC UK. Read on to know more about his career and personal life.

Anthony Heywood Early Life Bio: Life Before Fame

Anthony has earned huge fame in the industry as a television/live event host. But before becoming popular, he spent the early two decades of his life as an ordinary man. 

Born in Manchester, England, Anthony spent the first 21 years in a small town called Rochdale. He has not disclosed his date of birth but his career details hint that he was born in 1973, which means he is currently in his mid-40s.

After watching a 1986 film called Top Gun, he began aspiring to become a fighter pilot. Eventually, he earned a scholarship from the Royal Air Force and acquired his pilot’s license at just age 17. He still had his sights on becoming a fighter pilot up until he was 18. However, show business started attracting him afterward.

The lure of the entertainment industry became too strong at age 21 that he finally decided to leave his family and move to London in search of fortune. 

Anthony Heywood Career Journey

Once in 1998, Anthony went to Florida for a vacation, and there he got a big break of his career. He ended up becoming the Cruise Director for the launch of Disney Cruise Line. He was just 25 years old at that time. He continued his job on the cruise for 13 months, following which he once again continued on his search for fame an fortune.

From 2000 to 2002, he served as a presenter on Shop!, following which he became a presenter/host on Ideal Shopping Direct. Less than a year later, he got the much-needed break of his career after being headhunted to join the UK version of one of the most famous television show, QVC. 

Anthony amassed around 6000 hours of live television experience during his 9 years of service on QVC UK. He honed almost all main TV skills on the show like open talkback, auto-cue, ad-libbing, and more. 

Anthony has never wanted to settle for just one job. As a result of which he left QVC UK in 2011 and once again joined a cruise line called Holland America Line, only to return to television 2 years and 4 months later. He was approached by the then newly launched British shopping TV channel dedicated to crafting called The Craft Channel.

In 2017, Anthony launched his own media company called Stories & Light. He is also a creative director in the company and looks after a variety of tasks from hosting on-camera segments and voiceovers to creating promo videos, motion graphics and stills photography. Fast forward to today, he has just moved to West Chester, Pennsylvania, to become a host for QVC US.

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