The Young and the Restless Update: Where is JT’s body?

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J.T. Hellstrom's murder mystery has been on the front burner on The Young and the Restless for a long time now. And his body was nowhere to be found on the Halloween episode. We recently saw Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis trying to figure out just exactly where JT’s body might be. Maybe Victor Newman knows! 

At this point, Victor seems to be the only person in Genoa City who has the means and motive to remove JT’s body from the park. Read on to find out why we think Victor Newman might be the one everyone should pay attention to.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor returning to a major storyline

Eric Braeden has returned to the Young and the Restless after months of absence. The actor had teased that Victor Newman would be back to be a part of a major storyline. Perhaps he will be the one to put an end to the JT murder investigation? 

We know that Victor had cameras fit in Victoria’s home. He knew what JT put her through. He also must have seen what went down the night the four women confronted JT. The Mustache will do anything to protect his own. So, he might have taken the body out of Chancellor Park to prevent the police from finding it. He surely has the means to do it!

Eric Braeden filming new scenes

The legendary soap actor is back at the CBS studios to film new scenes as Victor. On November 21, the actor posted a photo of himself on Twitter with Amelia Heinle (Victoria).  “Back on set with my long lost daughter!!,” wrote Braeden in the caption. 

Braeden took a leave from the show to travel to his native country, Germany. He returned to the show on November 27. Victor wants Summer to take care of his business overseas. His real estate business in Dubai is taking flight and he needs someone to take the helm at the main office. So, he asks Nikki to offer Summer the position. Summer is nervous after being offered the job but it’s an offer she can’t refuse! Which makes us wonder if Summer is leaving the Young and the Restless! 

Now that he’s back, get ready to see more of Victor Newman on the Young and the Restless. 

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