What happened to Phoebe Forrester on Bold and the Beautiful?

Caption : Mackenzie Mauzy as Phoebe

Phoebe Forrester hasn’t appeared on Bold and the Beautiful for 10 years now. Wondering what happened to Phoebe Forrester on Bold and the Beautiful? Keep reading to find out!

Who played Phoebe Forrester on Bold and the Beautiful?

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Phoebe was rapidly aged a few times on the show and therefore has been portrayed by many actresses. She was born on screen in 1999 to Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes Forrester with her twin sister, Stephanie “Steffy” Forrester.

She was portrayed by several child actors before Brynne McNabb took over the role in January 2002. Chandler Mella replaced her for a while. Keaton Tyndall portrayed Phoebe from April to December 2004. Addison Hoover was the first actress to portray her as a recurring character. In 2006, MacKenzie Mauzy began playing the role. Phoebe was killed off in 2008 in a car accident. 

What happened to Phoebe Forrester?

Phoebe Forrester was involved in a complex relationship with Rick Forrester. They were together for some time despite their families’ disapproval. 

She broke up with Rick after she found out that he slept with Ashley Abbott. She later walked in on Rick and her mother, Taylor, in bed. But she declared that she won’t stand in the way of their relationship. She left for tour after. 

She returned for Ridge and Brooke’s wedding. Steffy revealed that Rick had made a move on her. Phoebe got furious and confronted Rick at Forrester Creations. She later followed him into his car. She hit him and put her foot on the gas pedal. Rick lost control of the car and they crashed. Rick made it to Eric’s place and Ridge went to help Phoebe, who was just moments away from death. She died in Ridge’s arms. 

Where is MacKenzie Mauzy now?

Mackenzie Mauzy

After leaving B&B, Mauzy guest starred in shows like Law & Order, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Drop Dead Diva, NCIS: Los Angeles and Bones. In 2014, she appeared as Rapunzel in the Oscar nominated musical fantasy film Into the Woods. 

Mauzy married John Arthur Greene in 2012. They divorced in 2015.

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