Why did Lisa Robertson leave QVC after 20 years? Where is she now?

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Lisa Robertson is a beauty pageant model-turned-TV personality-turned-businesswoman, best known for her appearance on QVC. The superstar QVC host embarked on a new career path a few years ago after bidding goodbye to her viewers in December 2014 and she has been doing really well in her new work. 

Why did Lisa Robertson leave QVC?

Lisa was one of the most attractive QVC hosts of all time, who has garnered millions of fans from across the world. Viewers loved her for her beauty and friendly presentation on the channel. But along with love from fans, Lisa also received threats from stalkers.

In 2016, during an interview with ex-CBS3 host Jessica Dean, Roberston admitted that over the years, she had become a target for a number of stalkers. Some of the cases were too extreme, needing the involvement of law enforcement. 

Robertson said, “There were a number of incidences that were extremely intense over the years that were very frightening and where people even were trying to draw my family in and contact my family and that’s just not cool. You know, that’s not something I will miss at all.”

QVC host Lisa Robertson

However, it was not the only reason that led Lisa to depart from QVC. Lisa, who had been doing the same job for more than 20 years, need to discover herself without this job. “I think one of the things that I needed to learn was who I was without that job because for 20 years that was everything I thought about all the time.”

Explaining to the interviewer how she worked 20 hours a day regularly, Robertson said, “I just thought “Well, if I'm looking at it going, I love it but how long can I do it.” Then its time to go “Hmm… Alright, well I’ve done it and I loved it and it was great and now there’s really nothing else I can do here that I have not done.” So, it’s time to go try something else.”

Lisa’s desire to get out of her comfort zone and try something new in life ultimately led her to quit QVC in 2014. She made her last appearance as a QVC host on December 12 of that year and has since been focusing on her business. 

What is Lisa Robertson doing at present?

A couple of years before leaving QVC, Lisa created a jewelry line called G.I.L.I. She designed the line herself and launched it in 2012. She has now a shop which is installed in her basement with a handful of employees.

Besides, she has also launched her website, lisarobertson.com, where she sells her merchandises from her line as well as items she discovers in her travels. She’s also been keeping contact with her fans via social media where she often gives away her favorite items to her followers. 

Lisa Robertson jewelry

Sharing her experiences of new business with Dean, Lisa said, “I do think that there’s a lot of potential here. You know, I think people want connection, they want someone who’s really going to offer something for them and explain why that’s for them.”

An avid traveler, Lisa frequently goes to Italy to work on her jewelry designs. She admitted that while this work has been a challenge for her, she’s also learned that strength and potential. As for the stalking situation, she says it’s definitely got better since she’s gotten off the TV and she feels as safe as she can. No wonder, she’s been a role model by turning her passions into a dream business.

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