Who is Adam Demos? Jake Taylor from Netflix’s Falling Inn Love

Caption : Adam Demos stars in Falling Inn Love

Pretty soon the name Adam Demos will be all that you will hear. The actor recently starred opposite Christina Milian in Netflix’s latest meet-cute romance movie called Falling Inn Love. Demos portrays the hunky contractor Jake Taylor who will fall in love with Milian’s character who wins a rundown inn through a contest. Here’s a short wiki on Adam Demos ahead of the premiere of his film, Falling Inn Love.

Adam Demos Wiki: How old is Adam Demos?

Australian actor Adam Demos

We have Australia to thank for Adam Demos. The actor was born on May 24, 1986, in the coastal city of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia.  He turned 33 years old in 2019. He played rugby as a teen and graduated from Dapto High in 2003.  Before his acting career started, Demos worked as a construction worker in his hometown, after following his father's footsteps in high school.

As a young laborer, Demos used to take up any job he could find so that he could travel more. One day he decided to give acting a shot and began going to beginner's acting courses in Sydney. He'd tell his friends that he was working overtime as acting was not something that was common where he grew up.

“It’s just not part of my world, it was never part of my world or the mates I hung around with. It was never offered to you either. But I always thought movies were cool and I always thought it would be interesting to try," he told news.com.au.

His years as a worker has certainly done miracles on his physique. He maintains his chiseled body with physical activities such as hiking, boxing, surfing and swimming. Head over to Demos' Instagram page for some hot shirtless photos of the Australian hunk!

Adam Demos starred in Lifetime's UnReal

Adam Demos as August in UnReal

Demos began his acting career with roles in Australian shows such as Home and Away, and Winners & Losers. When he was 24, he was "discovered" by Aussie actress and filmmaker Zoe Carides, who cast him in her play. Demos had never seen a play when he performed at Sydney's theater festival Short + Sweet in 2009.

His big break in the Australian entertainment industry came in 2017 when he booked a recurring role in Janet King. A year later, his career really took off thanks to the Lifetime series UnReal.

Demos played a contestant called August on Everlasting, the fictional Bachelor-like reality show within UnReal. The actor admitted that he had never seen the show before he booked the job. His new job took him to Vancouver, Canada, where he often struggled with the weather as his character had to walk around without clothes in minus degrees. 

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Adam Demos and Christina Milian

But his hard work paid off as UnReal put him on the map in the American acting scene. And now he's riding the wave of stardom after the release of hopefully one of many Netflix movies, Falling Inn Love. He stars in the romance movie opposite actress Christina Milian, who portrays city girl Gabriela who wins a rundown inn in a picturesque New Zealand town. Gabriela hires the local contractor, Jake Taylor (played by  Demos) in an attempt to fix and flip it. 

Watch Adam Demos as Jake Taylor in Falling Inn Love on Netflix, which premiered on August 29.

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