Who is Luke Eisner's girlfriend? Netflix Tall Girl's Stig dating actress Kirby Johnson

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Curious to know who Netflix's Tall Girl actor Luke Eisner is dating? The actor has a girlfriend and it's actress Kirby Johnson. Read on for the details on Luke Eisner and girlfriend Kirby Johnson's relationship.

Does Luke Eisner have a girlfriend? YES

Luke Eisner girlfriend

Luke Eisner is the breakout star of Netflix's newest romcom Tall Girl. So far, he has kept his relationship with his girlfriend on the down low. But all that's about to change now that everyone's curious to know if Luke Eisner has a girlfriend.

Eisner is dating actress Kirby Johnson. They have been dating since 2018. You may have seen her in the 2019 horror movie, The Possession of Hannah Grace. You couldn't have missed it! She portrayed Hannah Grace. The movie also stars Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell and Grey Damon. 

From the looks of it, Eisner and Johnson started out as friends before getting into a relationship. On May 14, 2019, Kirby posted this photo on her Instagram and wrote in the caption, "Made it out of the fiery depths of the friend zone." How cute!

Who is Luke Eisner? Breakout star from Netflix’s Tall Girl | Girlfriend, height

Luke Eisner relationshipq

Who is Luke Eisner's girlfriend, Kirby Johnson?

Kirby Johnson is best known for her titular role in The Possession of Hannah Grace. She was born in Key Largo, Florida. The actress is also a dancer, gymnast, contortionist and like her boyfriend, a model. She also starred in the feature film 5150 as Cami.

Eisner hasn't yet shared photos of Kirby on his Instagram but maybe that will change soon. You can find a few photos of the couple over on Kirby's Instagram. It seems they love traveling together. She recently went to New York with her boyfriend and she has shared photos of them from a night out in Las Vegas. They also recently visited Kirby's hometown where they soaked up the sun on a boat! 

Luke Eisner girlfriend Kirby

You can now catch up with Luke and Kirby on their YouTube channel. Yes, the couple have started a joint vlog channel called Kirby and Luke Diaries. Johnson announced the news on September 12 via her Twitter. Their very first vlog is already up and its with JoJo Siwa! Amazing right?

The couple visited their friend JoJo at her concert along with Kirby's best friend, Beth Ann. We already feel like we know more about Luke and Kirby from their first video! Did you know Luke has a cat? It's named, Milk. We hope they post more content soon. 

Netflix Tall Girl star Luke Eisner Bio

Tall Girl actor Luke Eisner

Luke Eisner stars alongside Ava Michelle Cota in the Netflix movie Tall Girl. Eisner plays Stig, the devilishly handsome exchange student, who catches the eye of... well everyone at his new high school. The protagonist, Jodi, played by Ava Michelle Cota, falls for the handsome Eisner but there are obstacles in the way of their romance. Her arch nemesis gets her hands on Stig first!

After watching Tall Girl, you're obviously wondering what Luke Eisner's height is. Let us tell you. It's 6'2" while his co-star, Ava Michelle, is 6'1.5" tall. 

While this is Eisner's first major acting role, he has made other minor appearances in television including a stint in The Goldbergs.

If you want to know more about Luke Eisner and his new Netflix movie, Tall Girl, head on to our Luke Eisner wiki page. Were you surprised to know who Luke Eisner is dating? Check back with us for more info on Luke Eisner and his girlfriend Kirby Johnson.

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