Who is Terry Madden? Jessi Combs’ boyfriend wiki

Caption : Terry Madden with Jessi Combs

Professional racer and television personality Jessi Combs passed away on August 27 in an accident. Her boyfriend, Terry Madden, was one of the first to break the news of Combs’ death. Madden took to Instagram to confirm Comb’s death in a heartbreaking post on August 28. Read on for more info on Jessi Combs’ boyfriend, Terry Madden.

Terry Madden Wiki: Facts about Jessi Combs boyfriend

Terry Madden

Terry Madden was born on April 17, 1977 in Great Bend, Kansas. Not much details are available on Terry. A quick web search revealed that he has a brother named Matt and a sister named Brooke Nixon Cherven. 

According to his Facebook page, Madden is a father of three. He has two daughters, Chloe and Tanner, and a son, Dalton, from his previous marriage to a woman named Angela Chris White. 

His son, Dalton, recently moved to California to be with him. On August 25, two days before Jessi Combs' death, Madden had revealed on Instagram that his son was starting his senior year at Yucca Valley High School in California. He also thanked Jessi in the emotional post for making all of it happen. 

Madden shares touching memories of Jessi Combs

Madden was one of the first to share the news of Combs' death. In a heartfelt tribute on Instagram, Madden wrote, "So I don’t know how to say any of this but it all needs said. I have never loved or been loved by anyone as much as this amazing woman @thejessicombs she was truly my unicorn and I enjoyed every single minute that I had with her."

He revealed that he was the first one at the scene of the accident and the crew "did everything humanly possible to save her."

He added that he will be working with Jessi's family to complete the documentary she was filming before her death.

Terry Madden with Jessi Combs and his son, Dalton

Madden has been sharing some of his special memories with Combs on Instagram. He posted  a photo of them from last year's Halloween, where they dressed up as mimes, and shared this sweet caption:

"This was the single greatest night of my life, we had more fun than I knew, it was possible to have. Didn't drink a drop and on the greatest pure happiness high ever, we laughed we loved and we never said a word."

On an Instagram story, Madden shared that he was struggling with Comb's death but was doing his best to stay positive. 

Jessi Combs died trying to break a record

Combs crashed her car while attempting to go nearly 500 mph in Alvord Desert, Oregon. She was on a mission to break her own record, which she set in 2016, driving nearly 478 mph in the same location of her fatal crash. Dubbed the Fasted Woman on Four Wheels, Combs is known for breaking multiple records. 

Combs was 36 years old. Our thoughts and prayers are with Madden and Comb's families.

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