Why did WPIX-TV personality Vickie Burns leave the station? Her new job?

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You would know who Vickie Burns is if you have been following WPIX-TV for a long time. Currently, she is no longer working for the channel. Yes, Vickie Burns has left WPIX and has moved on to a new position with another channel. Let’s find out why Vickie left WPIX station and get updates on her new job.

Who is Vickie Burns?

Vickie Burns is a former news director of Nexstar’s WPIX-TV. She holds a bachelor's degree in communication and media studies from the Loyola University of Chicago. She started working in the news industry in 1981 and now has around 40 years of experience.

Vickie has run newsrooms for NBC-owned stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington. Besides that, she also worked at Court TV, CNBC, and Fox News Channel, as well as in Buffalo and Erie, PA.

After working for several years at WPIX, she got a promotion as a news director which was in 2015. She had replaced Amy Waldman for that position.

Vickie is not active on Instagram but you may want to follow her on Twitter (@BurnsVickie) and on Linked In (@Vickie Burns). 

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Did Vickie Burns leave WPIX for a new job?

Vickie resigned from New York CW affiliate WPIX. Her last day at the station was on March 26, 2021. She started working for the Nexstar-owned station for several years now and said goodbye to the team and station this year.

Before working at WPIX, she worked at KNBC-TV for 26 years and as an executive producer at WLS-TV for less than a year.

After a few months of leaving WPIX, Vickie has now joined another channel at a higher position. She hasn’t yet given any clarification regarding leaving her job at WPIX. She may have either booked the new job before leaving WPIX or the other channel might have hired her after knowing she was available.

What is Vickie Burns doing now? Where is she?

The former news director of WPIX, Vickie Burns is now working as a senior vice president of content in The Black News Channel (BNC). BNC, the 24/7 cable news network announced the recruitment of Vickie just a few days ago. In this new job, she has the responsibility of overseeing all of BNC’s editorial operations and has to report them directly to Princell Hair, BNC’s CEO. Ceo Hair thinks that Vickie has an extensive career and experience which will be a tremendous asset to the team and channel.

Vickie is also proud and excited to join BNC as she sees this channel will allow underserved black and brown communities to be globally heard. She even mentioned that she can't wait to get started and contribute to this amazing and timely enterprise. 

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