Veteran QVC host Jill Bauer says goodbye to the TV shopping giant

Caption : QVC host Jill Bauer

Jill Bauer’s career on QVC is coming to end this 2019 as the veteran host has decided to leave her TV home after 25 years. Jill announced the news on television last weekend, following which she also took to social media to reaffirm her statement. Read on to find out why Jill Bauer is leaving QVC.

Jill Bauer confirmed her departure via Instagram

Fans are saddened by the news that they only have a limited time to see their favorite host on QVC. The vibrant face and advice that we’ve gotten used to over the years will not be here past June 2019.

Jill, who completed her 25 years as a QVC host in 2018, announced her departure on air on April 21. Later that night, she took to Instagram to confirm her statement.

Jill Bauer and her co-host on QVC

She shared a short video clip of herself and her co-host, clinking their glasses of wine. In the caption, she wrote, “Cheers! In case you missed it...I announced tonight that I’m leaving QVC in June.”

“The past year was filled with life milestones that had me looking at my life and wondering ‘is this it?’”she continued. 

According to reports, Jill will make her final appearance on QVC o June 12, 2019.

Why is Jill Bauer leaving QVC? Has she been fired?

As there hadn’t been any prior notice about Jill’s departure, the announcement came as a shock to her fans. However, we can assure that she is leaving on a positive note and that she’s not getting fired. 

She is not leaving for other job opportunities, either. In fact, she is taking a break from all her works for some time and does not intend to return to work any time soon.

Jill Bauer children

Jill’s Instagram post suggests that she is leaving QVC to have more time for herself and her family. The 51-year-old veteran TV host, who is also a mother, mentioned on her Instagram that she would be spending the summer at the beach and attending every single inning of her son Trevor’s baseball games. 

Jill also has a daughter named Kylie, who turned 18 on May 22 last year. She is set to leave for college this year. 

Jill Bauer husband

Jill has not disclosed a lot of information about her husband but she has shared a few pictures of him. Her family includes a furry member too, a dog named Brosky.

38 Replies on Veteran QVC host Jill Bauer says goodbye to the TV shopping giant

  • elaine thompson

    elaine thompson - Reply

    Jill has been with QVC almost as long as I have been watching....wish her the best.....Why can't Shawn leave QVC???? she has changed since she became a Mother, not in a good way....She is rude and wears those ugly glasses and her HAIR WHAT IS SHE THINKING??????She was so much a lady it must have gone to her ugly hair.........Shawn come on cut your hair and go back to being half a lady>>>>>>>Please QVC do something with her and stop adding her to more shows............
  • Sara J Anderson

    Sara J Anderson - Reply

    It is a terrible loss to all Jill's followers. Her authenticity is so rare and appreciated. Jill is a cornerstone of QVC's success; her down- to-earth, dependable, honest self is the reason QVC grew.Jill personifies every good thing about TV sales.
  • Barb Francis

    Barb Francis - Reply

    Jill you have been my go to for your decorating and baking tips! I always tune into your show on qvc2 and qvc! You are more than a host - you are a trusted friend. I always followed your advice. So incredibly sorry you are leaving ... take care and may God bless you and your lovely family! Sad you are leaving :(
  • Jane Laughmiller

    Jane Laughmiller - Reply

    Have been with u from the start and loved every show. U are sweet and very real. We will all miss u so much but God bless u on your new adventure
  • Pamela lewis Lewis

    Pamela lewis Lewis - Reply

    I once heard Jill Bauer say that her Mother was a Teacher. We all have that favorite teacher from Kindergarten or the first grade that we fall in love with, and remember for the rest of our lives. Jill Bauer is that Teacher. She is that perfect combination of Beauty and Intelligence that , like your first Teacher, you fall in love with, and remember for the rest of your life. Thank You for Gracing our lives Jill with your Special Qualities, and your beauty, heart and soul all these years. Thank you for instructing and informing us as only you can with your warmth, grace and intelligence. There is no one like you. I will never forget you, Jill. I Love You, and I Will Miss you! Always in my heart, Pamela QVC Customer
  • Cynthia Grimm

    Cynthia Grimm - Reply

    Good bye Jill, going to miss your perky smile, your ability to laugh and all the information you provide beyond QVC's products. Enjoy yourself and best wishes. Cindy
  • cheryl D siegel

    cheryl D siegel - Reply

    Enjoy your life at home with your kids, hubby and puppy. You've earned it. You'll be even busier now that you are home !!! Wait and see....Best of everything.
  • Diane Joy Walden

    Diane Joy Walden - Reply

    It did not bother me one bit her leaving ... She just was not anyone that got my vote... As far as Shawn goes she looks awful... The hair the makeup the stuck on herself always looking at herself... She should go back to her hairstyle from her beginning and short and more blonde... I don’t get what people see!!! I have been a stylist and she needs short hair less makeup and stop looking at herself all the time ... Kind of the Lisa Robertson type ... I enjoy lovely women but going to their heads is a turnoff ... You need more of Amy ... Mary Beth ... Some are just phoney...
  • Kathy

    Kathy - Reply

    Glad she's gone. Never did like her. Used to turn on mute so I didn't have to hear her voice

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