Who is Ronald Burkle's ex wife? Get to know Andrew Burkle's mother, Janet Duitson, and his siblings

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Billionaire Ron Burkle's son, Andrew Burkle, passed away on January 6, 2020. Andrew's father had a tumultuous married life with his mother, Janet Duitson nee Steeper. Get to know Andrew Burkle's siblings and the Burkle family in this Andrew Burkle bio.

Who is Ron Burkle's wife Janet Duitson?

Andrew Burkle dead

Janet Duitson was born as Janet Ellwyn Steeper. She is the ex wife of Andrew's father, Ron Burkle, whom she met at age 18. The pair were married for decades before calling it quits in 2006. The pair tied the knot in 1974 and share two more children: Carrie Anne Burkle and John Joseph Burkle.

Their marriage ended in a bitter divorce with Janet accusing her former husband of cheating her out of a fortune. That's not all. She also accused him of having her and her then boyfriend followed.

Janet and Ron had separated and got back together a few times over the years. But in 2002, Janet left her husband for good. Ron went on to accuse Janet of having an affair with an ex-convict. 

What happened to billionaire Ron Burkle's son Andrew Burkle? Dead at 27

In 2006, the private divorce documents between Steeper and Burkle were unsealed, in which it was revealed that their daughter allegedly said that Ron had pictures and videos of Steeper having intimate relations with her boyfriend. 

However, Burkle's attorney, Patricia L. Glaser, slammed the allegations saying there "are no such videotapes."

Steeper unsuccessfully filed a restraining order against her husband in 2003 and accused him of spying on their son, Andrew. She also claimed that she was defrauded when she signed their post marital agreement in 1997, which allowed her a divorce settlement of an estimated $40 million.

Janet Duitson is now married to Larry Duitson

Janet Steeper husband

Janet found love again after the nasty divorce with her ex-husband. She is now happily married to Larry Duitson. “If I could have wished for a guy who was perfect for me, and I did, it’d be Larry. He’s amazing! Super happy!" she wrote in a Facebook comment.

Andrew Burkle siblings

Andrew Burkle is survived by father Ron Burkle, mom Janet Steeper, and two siblings; brother John Joseph Burkle and sister Carrie Anne Burkle. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Burkle family.

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