Who is president and leader of Saving the Blues and The Silent Hunter Group Annie Guttridge? What is she famous for? Who are her husband and children?

Caption : Annie Guttridge is a shark lover liker her husband

Annie Guttridge is the inspiration to many ladies who want to follow their dream and turn them into living. Annie, the president of Saving the Blues and Leader of Silent Hunter Group is doing everything that she loves and enjoys and at the same time benefiting the world.. Her company works for the protection of wildlife and oceans, trips to shark diving, adventure, and ecotourism. She also got featured on Discovery's Shark Week with her husband. Annie has an incredible, risky, and adventurous career but alongside she is also a mother raising a beautiful family. Let’s find out Annie Guttridge’s journey to the ocean? 

Annie Guttridge's short bio and lifestyle;  What does she do?

Annie Guttridge

Annie is mostly known as a professional underwater photographer. She has incredible underwater skills and according to her social media bio, she belonged underwater for as long as she can remember. Along with that she is also a conversationalist and has lots of passion for adventurous stuff like traveling, freediving, and so on.

And as a passionate traveler, Guttridge has already explored more than forty countries around the world. Her main focus while traveling is to discover monuments, cultures, views, but most importantly ocean. And like her husband, Annie is also involved with sharks. She has nearly a decade of experience working with varieties of sharks, turtles, and rays. She assists scientists with such projects.

Follow Annie on Instagram as @annieguttridge. Her Instagram account has many images that she took while free diving

Who is Annie Guttridge married to? About her husband and children

Annie Guttridge and her husband Dr. Tristan Guttridge

You might already know Annie’s husband from Discovery shows and documentaries. Annie Guttridge is the wife of the shark expert, Dr. Tristan Guttridge. It is not sure when the two got married but it can likely be in the year 2014. Annie and Tristan share similar life goals which are why recently they created a successful nonprofit organization called Saving the Blues.

Annie is the president whereas his husband is the vice president and scientist of the company. The couple has been together for more than 5 years and share two beautiful kids till 2022. They raised their children in the Bahamas in the first few years of their life and according to their social media, they moved to Florida. As the parents, their children are stand-alone marine advocates and nature lovers.

Annie Guttridge co-founded Saving the Blues and The Silent Hunter Group; What does her journey look like?

Annie Guttridge from Saving the blues and The Silent Hunter GroupAccording to Annie herself, from a young age, she got a keen and high interest in the ocean. And like other ladies may like dolphins or fish but she was into sharks. Annie's love for sharks never left which is also the reason why she made a decision to leave her business roots and fully focused on developing her career as a marine advocate, educator, and so on.

Annie worked really hard on it and slowly her hard work paid off. Her work got featured on famous brands and channels like Discovery and National Geographic. She also raises money from her work so that the next generation can get inspired in this field. Following her passion, she co-founded two successful nonprofit organizations Saving the Blue and The Silent Hunter Group alongside her supportive husband, Tristan Guttridge.

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