Everything you need to know about Dr. Tristan Guttridge. Where is he from? Who is his wife Annie Guttridge?

Caption : Tristan Guttridge from sharkweek

If you love sharks or want to know anything about sharks and oceans then Tristan Guttridge is the right person for you. From a young age, Tristan held a different kind of passion towards sharks and as he grew up he put his whole education and career into it. Though all, Tristan did become a behavioral ecologist, shark specialist, presenter, and adventurer.  He also got an amazing wife /partner with whom he shares a similar career and life goal. Tristan has previously starred on many TV programs and documentaries whereas, talking about his latest one, he joined the Discovery Shark Week special about sharknados.  Read more about Tristan’s life, family, and net worth below.

Who is Tristan Guttridge? What does he do for a living?  His age, bio, career

Tristan Guttriddge married to shark lover like him, Annie Guttridge

Tristan Guttridge is one of the inspiring people who is saving the ocean and animals in the world. He is originally from Stamford, Lincolnshire, and currently living in Miami, Florida.  He has a doctorate degree in behavioral ecology from the University of Leeds located in the UK. However his main focus was always on sharks, in fact, now people know him as a shark expert.

He spends more than a thousand hours watching and studying sharks. Today he has a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding sharks and wishes to share it with people. This is also why Tristan is working for Saving the Blue, a nonprofit organization whose main objective is to restore and recover different kinds of threatened marine species while connecting humans to ocean wildlife. Tristan is a vice president and chief scientist of Saving the Blue working under his wife.

To know more about Tristan and his work follow him on Instagram as @tristanguttridge

Tristan Guttridge and his wife Annie Guttridge share similar career and family values

Tristan Guttridge is a husband and father of two kids

Tristan is happily married to a woman with whom he shares his passion and life goals. His beautiful wife,  Annie Guttridge works as an underwater photographer and conversationalist in a nonprofit organization named Saving the Blue. She is also the president of that company. Along with Saving the Blue, Annie and Tristan also work together on the company Silent Hunter Group.

They do share other things together along with their career. They are merrily blessed with two beautiful children, a son, and a daughter.  The Guttridge family started their 2021 together in water with sharks and on the world’s ocean day Tristan went to Instagram with his son name Leo to give the message to the world that they want to save sharks and mom and dad (them) are working hard on the project. 

What is Tristan Guttridge’s net worth?

Tristan Guttridge's networth

From a shark fanatic to a Shark scientist Tristan has professionally and financially achieved a lot in his life.  He lives a luxurious and wealthy life with his family members. If we are not wrong then Dr. Tristan’s net worth is a million dollars or around that but personally for him his work has nothing to do with how much earns. Not only Tristan but also his wife Annie loves what they do and is passionate about their works. In fact, the couple is the most passionate and humble shark advocates you could meet.

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