Who is Kareem Maddox? His Podcast and Olympic story 2021

Caption : Kareem Maddox

Kareem Maddox is a professional basketball player who is mostly known for his basketball skills and podcast. But currently, Maddox is on the news for his Olympic decision. On one side his dream to get into the U.S. Olympic 3x3 basketball team is incomplete and on the other, his podcast career had to stop. Let’s find out details on what happened.

Kareem Maddox: age, bio

Kareem Maddox was born on December 09, 1989. He is a 32 years old Sagittarius man. His hometown is Oak Park, California. Maddox’s height is six foot eight inches and he is a power forward / center player.

He went to Oak Park High School in 2007 and after a few years earned his undergraduate degree in English literature. from Princeton While studying at Princeton, he was also involved in the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation. The foundation started because of Jaclyn Murphy, who got diagnosed with a medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor, and its mission is to improve the quality of life for children who are battling similar diseases and raising awareness through various programs.

Kareem describes himself as a huge film buff. It refers to a person who is passionate about movies and sees movies from a more critical point of view. Apart from that, he enjoys a lot of reading and writing. 

Who are Kareem’s parents?

Kareem is the son of Iman Zaki and Alan Maddox. He is pretty close with his mother, calls her mama. Her Instagram handle is @coolmomaf , created by none other than her own son. Kareem shared a picture of him and his mother on his Instagram, smiling at the camera, and looks like they clicked their picture after Kareem’s game. He also has one sibling, a younger brother named Jay Maddox. 

Kareem Maddox’s podcast; How did it start?

Kareem is the host of ‘The Greatness with Kareem Maddox’ podcast. He features athletes from different countries, sports, and decades on his podcast. He and the guest chat and share their view on Olympic dreams, what happens off the field, and what the Olympics mean to all of them.

Kareem already has experience in producing and hosting. He is a producer at Gimlet Media, owned by Spotify. He started producing news in his hometown, Los Angeles with local NPR affiliate KCRW. He also hosted the local American flash ship All Things Considered’ program on the American network National Public Radio. 

In 2017 he began producing another podcast named ‘The Pitch’, similar to the TV reality show ‘Shark Tank’.

Kareem Maddox on not making it into the Olympic games

Everyone assumed that Kareem would be playing 3x3 basketball for a spot in Tokyo. His shot to be part of the Olympic debut of 3x3 basketball stopped when the U.S. basketball squad got removed during trials following a tough contest against the Netherlands.

Although Kareem Maddox may not technically be an Olympian he has not lost hope. He might come for the next one. He also quit his podcasting job in 2020 to qualify for the Olympics. However, Maddox has no regrets after choosing Olympic dreams over his podcast career.

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