Briana Henry (Jordan Ashford) is leaving General Hospital in 2021! Where is she going? Who is her husband?

Caption : Briana Henry leaving GH

Fans of General Hospital might be wondering why they haven't seen Jordan Ashford for a while. As a matter of fact, Jordan’s portrayer Briana Henry is officially leaving the ABC soap. She announced her departure on her Instagram, and said goodbye to her friends, colleagues, and fans. Find out why she is leaving the American daytime television soap opera, General Hospital (GH). What happened to her character, Jordan? Also get updates on her family, marriage, and husband.

What happened to Jordan on General Hospital?

In the latest episode, we see Jordan bidding farewell to her family and friends. She was heading into surgery as she desperately needed a kidney.

The episode was emotional to many viewers but it gets more heartbreaking after finding out Jordan, played by Briana, confirms her departure from General Hospital.

If you watched Jordan’s last episode before surgery then all those tears the family and friends and herself had were not fake. It is because the episode showed not only a reel but also a real goodbye.

Why did Briana Henry leave the show? Does she have a new project coming?

Briana confirmed before that her character, Jordan, experienced a lot of confusion and disturbances on the show. The character’s latest challenge was one of the reasons she decided to leave the show.

But adding that, she got nothing but love and support from her friends and colleagues for her decision. She also mentioned in her post that it was time for her to move on but didn’t hint at any new project.

Jordan went on to Instagram to share her last words on her farewell. She thanked all those with whom she worked as part of the General Hospital family and sent gratitude to her cast members for making for a better actor and challenging her ability.

She also gave a special shout-out to executive producer Frank Valentini and security guard Emma. 

Her fans also received extra acknowledgement. She explained how it took her a while to win them over. But in the end, she received so much love and support and she hopes she brought something honest and unique to their beloved character of Jordan Ashford.

When did Briana Henry join General Hospital? Who played the role of Jordan before Henry?

Briana Henry made her debut in General Hospital in September 2018. Before Henry, Canadian actress Vinessa Antoine played the role. Antione originated the role of Jordan Ashford and played the character from the year 2014 to 2018. According to sources, Antione left General Hospital for another show named Diggstown.

Briana Henry age, life, and career

Briana is an American actress from Savannah, Georgia. She is currently in her 30s. Her full name is Briana Nicole Henry.

Henry is a university dropout. Prior to General Hospital, She was also part of the American television soap opera, The Young and the Restless as Esmeralda. Henry played the role from the year 2014 to 2017 then after her contract ended she joined General Hospital.

Who is Briana Henry married to?

Briana Henry husband

Briana married musician Kris Bowers on June 6, 2020. She shared multiple photos of her wedding day on her Instagram looking like an absolute vision. Her mother was right by her side looking stunning like her bridal daughter whereas her father attended the ceremony via a laptop screen. She was also surrounded by six gorgeous bridesmaids that day.

Her husband, Kris is a composer and pianist. Take a look at his appreciation post on Instagram for their 1st anniversary to her lovely wife. Briana and Kris met each other first on the set of ‘The Young and the Restless’.

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