Meet one of the judges of the new Netflix series ‘Metal Shop Masters’, Stephanie Hoffman; Who is her husband?

Caption : Stephanie Hoffman

Get excited because Netflix has brand new competitive reality series called ‘Metal Shop Masters’ in 2021. The show features amazing master welders who compete with each other to win the grand prize. But before they win they must impress the judges, the Welding goddess, Stephanie Hoffman, and another judge next to her. Find out who it is?  

If you don’t want to miss the show then keep reading to know about its release date and all the cast members. You might know some of them already from Instagram.

Who is Stephanie Hoffman? Her bio, age

Stephanie Hoffman is on Metal Shop Matters

The judge of Metal Shop Masters, Stephanie Hoffman is a former US Army Veteran, a certified welder, and a welding instructor. She studied at Lacey Township High School where she took welding as an elective. After graduation, she went to serve in the US Army Intelligence Corps but left it to return back to welding. She is currently associated with the American Welding Society which conducts workshops to encourage and inspire people in a welding career.

Hoffman is 34-35 years old as of 2021. She owns UnderGround Metal Works, a fabrication company or workshop that specializes in tattoo-inspired creation. 

Find more about Stephanie’s work from her Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @ underground_metal_works.

Stephanie Hoffman’s family; Who is her husband and daughter?

Stephanie Hoffman is a wife and a mother along with her amazing career.. She got married to her husband named Steve Hoffman. The couple shares a beautiful young daughter. Her name is Brylee Hoffman. 

Stephanie gave birth to her child in 2009. Check out the pictures of Stephanie and Brylee on Instagram. She writes the hashtag mom and daughter, mom life, daughter love, girl’s trip, and so on under their picture.

What is Stephanie Hoffman’s net worth?

Stephanie is allegedly involved in a lot of business and career. She owns her own company, working in the wedding business for some time, and is going to debut on Netflix. As you heard, she has not one but various sources to earn money. According to our sources, her net worth is approximately $50k to $1 million. 

Viewers consider Stephanie as a strong woman who can handle both personal and professional life very smoothly.

The cast of Metal shop Masters; Who is another judge beside Stephanie?

The intense reality competition series has total of seven competitors. The seven contestants are Ivan Iler, Lou, Rae Ripple, Seven, Tom, Frank, and Leah. Joy Koy, an award-winning comedian is going to host the show. To judge the competition, the show has Stephanie and another judge named David Madero. David is a professional Mexican American metal sculpting artist. 

What is ‘Metal Shop Masters’ about? When will it air?

Metal Shop Masters is a competitive series where the 7 best welders will come with their amazing skills to prove they are the best artists among all. The contestants have 10 hours to create metallic masterpieces to surprise the judges Hoffman and Madero. If they cannot impress the judges, then they will, unfortunately, lose the winning prize. 

The show has only one winner and the one who will win gets the title of Metal Shop Masters and the grand prize, $50,000. Don’t miss it. The show premiered on September 10, 2021. It has a total of 6 episodes.  

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