Elena and Devon: New Couple in Genoa City? Brytni Sarpy talks new Young and the Restless role

Caption : Brytni Sarpy

Brytni Sarpy debuted her new role, Elena Dawson, on Young and the Restless on March 19, 2019. She joined the show after leaving General Hospital. Fans were sad to see her leave Valerie Spencer behind but her new character, Elena Dawson, seems interesting enough to switch shows. Read on to know more about Brytni Sarpy leaving General Hospital and her new role on the Young and the Restless.

Elena and Devon have a meet-cute

Elena Dawson was first seen in Genoa City on the March 19 episode and her first interaction was with Devon. As one fan mentioned on Twitter, just like her General Hospital character, she was first seen opening a door to Devon. Elena opened the door to Devon when he followed Ana to a motel. She slams the door in his face initially but later introduces herself as the nurse to Jett Slade, a former musician who happens to be Ana's father. 

Brytni Sarpy as Valerie

"It's funny because her first scene as Valerie she opened a door to Lulu and Tracey and her first scene on YR she opens a door to Devon...opening doors is your thing @_Brytni," wrote the fan. The actress replied, "So true...there are a few similarities between the two... tune in."

Not much has been revealed about her character but fans already feel a spark between Devon and Elena. Since she is a nurse, she is likely going to have some connection to Nate. You'll have to stay tuned to watch how the story unfolds for Brytni Sarpy and her character Elena Dawson.

Brytni Sarpy talks new Young and the Restless role and leaving General Hospital

Brytni Sarpy left her recurring role of Valerie Spencer on General Hospital to appear on Young and the Restless. In an interview with Soap Central, Sarpy talked about similarities between her two characters. "Yes, there are definitely similarities between the two, just in that they come on the scene as protectors and as caretakers," she said.

She shared that her new character is also pretty similar to her. "She aligns pretty well with myself - we're pretty similar," said the actress. Sarpy revealed that her GH cast was really supportive after learning the news of her exit from the show.

Brytni Sarpy on General Hospital

It was an easy transition to Young and the Restless since she was already familiar with some of the cast members. She revealed that she has attended events with Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) and Kate Linder (Esther Valentine). She worked with Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) on General Hospital, back when he portrayed Patrick Drake. And she actually went to school with Noemi Gonzalez (Mia Rosales). 

"I'm looking forward to the character and I hope everyone follows her journey, all of the Y&R fans, and also, I hope some converts from the GH community. I think it's going to be a really fun run," continued Sarpy. 

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