The Young and the Restless Spoiler & News: Paul Williams returns | Fires Rey Rosales?

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Viewers of The Young and the Restless are super excited as the most awaited time on the soap is nearing. Yes, the airdate of Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) is just around the corner. With this, spoilers hint at a major shakeup at the Genoa City police department. Rey has some explanations to make to Paul. But will it be enough to save him? Perhaps not! It seems like Paul has had enough from Rey and does not want him in the department anymore. Does this mean that Rey’s time on Y&R is coming to an end? Is Rey Rosales really leaving The Young and the Restless?

Paul Williams snatches back the control of the GCPD

Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) revealed the big news of Doug Davidson’s return to the Y&R set on in mid-February this year. A couple of days later, Doug took to Twitter to reveal his first airdate. According to Doug, his character is set to make his first appearance on Monday, March 25. 

According to spoilers, Paul Williams snatches back the control of the GCPD as soon as he returns. Rey was left in charge of the department when Paul left. Paul is really disappointed to learn that Rey has been so much careless towards his duties in his absence and decides to confront him for his mistakes.

Paul is very annoyed with Rey for messing things up with J.T. Hellstrom’s case. He sets off to clean up the matter and starts by yanking Rey’s badge. 

Doug Davidson

Rey hasn’t been making smart decisions at his job lately. Firstly, with Sharon, and now, with the fugitives, he has constantly been doing things that are likely to put his job at a risk. Rey was true when he confessed his love to Sharon but what he did afterward got him dragged to the courtroom. Sharon’s lawyer, Brittany Hodges, went as far as to accuse him of duping Sharon for the confession.

Most recently, Rey teamed up with Billy Abbott and Nick Newman to hijack the vehicle carrying Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon to prison. The men are planning to hide the ladies at the Abbott mansion until they trap J.T. Paul would have never expected Rey to go rogue to this extent.

According to spoilers, all these actions of Rey will come back to bite him when Paul returns. 

More troubles coming Rey Rosales’ way

It’s clear that Rey’s on thin ice and it seems like nothing can save him from the wrath of Paul. Spoilers say Paul will first reprimand Rey, following which he will demand Rey hand over his badge and gun. But fortunately, even if this does not happen, he’s still on borrowed time for breaking a lot of rules. 

When Rey learned of Sharon’s involvement in J.T.’s murder case, he put his duties first and decided to arrest her. But when he learned of Mia’s involvement in Lola’s incident, he decided to remain silent, only because she told him that she’s pregnant. He did not think it was necessary to do a cross-check despite knowing how far Mia can go to save herself. Viewers can expect this foolishness from Rey to come back to bite him.

Y&R star Noemi Gonzalez

So far, it’s clear that Rey is going to face some hard times on The Young and the Restless in the upcoming days. It seems like he will end up being benched for the time being or Paul may even go as far as to fire him from the department. 

However, it’s not clear if this will be the end of Rey’s storyline. The soap has not shared any words about what’s in store for Rey in the future. Stay tuned with TV Trend Now for latest updates about Rey Rosales and other Y&R characters.

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