Chief Weatherman / meteorologist Ben Bailey leaves WDIV after 7 years

Caption : Ben Bailey

Local 4, WDIV-TV’s meteorologist, Ben Bailey announced his departure on air early Saturday morning. He was the WDIV’s lead meteorologist. His immediate departure is making the viewers wonder why he is leaving Channel 4? Is he going to work for a new channel? Keep reading to not only his career updates but also his family and net worth.

Ben Bailey announcement on leaving the station on-air

Bailey has been with WDIV-TV (Channel 4) for a total of seven years now. He officially signed off from the station on August 7, 2021. He was quite a popular meteorologist and with the help of viewers, he also became a standout weatherman.  

Bailey said on the air, ’’This hasn’t been a spur of the moment decision for me, I’ve been talking to management for a while and we decided once the Olympics came to a close, this would probably be a good time for me to say, so long’.

Check out a full video of Ben on YouTube talking about his departure. Also, find handsome Ben Bailey on Instagram as @ benlocal4.

Why did he leave WDIV-TV? Does he have a new job?

Ben did announce his departure news on air but he did not provide a specific reason to leave the station. However, we do know that the split was polite and generous

According to Marla Drutz, local 4’s general manager, Ben leaving the station was not spontaneous. He was thinking about the decision for a while. She also added he might be looking for different kinds of opportunities.

When Bailey’s brother asked him what was next in his career, he responded very funnily. His answer was ‘Less makeup and more whiskey’.

Bailey's departure was also low-key compared to other reporters who have been at WDIV. Usually what happens is a big announcement and farewell happen with memorable videos and stories. But in Bailey’s case, Drutz only sent an email to staff announcing Bailey’s departure just hours before his announcement on air.

Ben Bailey’s bio and family; Who is his wife?

Ben Bailey wife

Ben Bailey is a former meteorologist who recently served as the Chief Meteorologist, bringing the weather forecast on Weekdays on Local 4 News. Bailey is not from Michigan but was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana. That’s why before he left his job at WDIV,  he thanked his viewers for making him feel like Michigander for many years and Detroit his home.

He graduated from the University of Missouri. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science which means he graduated not once but twice.

According to his colleagues and the local 4 news team, Ben does a meritorious job and he is a wonderful guy to work with.

Ben is also married and has a daughter. He met his wife Laurence Bailey mid-90s at Hennesey’s pub in Morristown and the two got married in 1996. Their daughter’s name is Emma Bailey.

Ben Bailey’s net worth

Ben may have worked at WDIV for 7 years but looking at his Linked In profile he spent over 14 years in the Detroit television market. Being a top and professional reporter he made a great amount of money throughout his career. His estimated net worth ranges approximately between $1 million - $2 million. He deserves the financial success as he made great contributions to the weather department 

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