Who is Dennis Bailey from Street Outlaws? His dangerous car crash and net worth updates

Caption : Street Outlaws racer Dennis Bailey

If you are a fan of the Discovery TV series Street Outlaws, then you must know who Dennis Bailey is. The incredible street racer, Dennis, has created amazing stories on being on the street. He is one of the famous professional street racers who has put himself in a top position winning many races. But with victory, he also got involved in many car crashes. Let's find out more about what happened to Dennis Bailey in the car crash? And more updates on his personal life and net worth.

Dennis Bailey Bio: What does he do for a living?

Dennis Bailey is a professional drag racer of the American reality television series Street Outlaws. He is a member of the Memphis Street Outlaws crew which include other famous racers like JJ Da Boss, Precious.,Tricia, Brian Britt, and many more. 

He got to join the Memphis crew after he successfully pulled one over on team captain, JJ Da Boss. JJ and Bailey met on the street and made a bet to race. It was not expected but Bailey easily won the race with his lighter, faster, and made-for-pass car. Their friendship started from there and they’ve been friends ever since 

Bailey began building and racing cars more than two decades ago. He started racing at the age of 16. Not only is he highly qualified and professional, but he is also very competitive.

Dennis is a tough one to beat when it comes to street racing. The Memphis Street Outlaws (MSO) family even makes some sarcastic jokes about him saying, “Dennis Bailey is 149:0 in his street racing record because he wins so much.” Although he has lost a few races in his career, his winning records easily cover that up.

Find Dennis Bailey on Instagram. His Instagram handle is  dbailey_memphis_street_outlaws.

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Dennis Bailey has been involved in more than one car crash

Back in 2010, Dennis got caught in a serious accident. He drove a Ford Mustang in that race. He did not break any bones in that accident but had a bruised kidney and a bunch of bruises all over the body. He did become alright after some rest.

Bailey’s comment on the incident was, “I am lucky to survive the race at all considering how badly my modified Ford Mustang was damaged.”

He gave credit for his survival to his $200,000 car. “The safety equipment that we use in these cars these days is really advanced,” he said. He even mentioned that since then he started to value even little things in life and thanks God every day.

Dennis Bailey’s another dangerous and breathtaking crash was when he was racing against Scott Bieschke. He lost control of the car, the Silverback Gorilla, and directly hit the Vegas Desert. There was a lot of smoke coming from the car. Luckily, no fire started and he safely came out. It was another luck of Bailey to survive without being seriously injured.

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How much is Dennis Bailey’s net worth? His earning and annual salary

Beginning his career in racing since he was a teenager, Dennis Bailey has come a long way. He is one of the successful street racers out there. According to sources, Dennis’s net worth is approximately $1 million. His annual salary is estimated to be around $30,000. 

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