Beth Chapman Health Updates: Staying positive amid cancer battle

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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife, Beth Chapman, is living life to the fullest. Her cancer has progressed recently but that hasn’t let the bounty hunter stop having fun with her family. Read on to find out what happened to Beth Chapman and know her latest health updates. 

Beth Chapman spending quality time with family

Beth Chapman won’t let cancer win! She has been celebrating her life with her family members despite her grim diagnosis. On December 15, 2018, Beth went live on Facebook as she enjoyed an exciting evening with her friends and family. 

She recorded herself as she slid down a steep snowy hill with her stepson’s wife, Jaime Chapman. “When you have a little bit of life left, you just gotta live it,” said a cheerful Beth. After a thrilling ride to the bottom, she yelled out, “F*ck cancer.”

The day before this, she was spotted celebrating her stepson’s birthday. “Let the Birthday shenanigans begin Happy Birthday,” Beth wrote on Instagram, sharing a video of her sneaking up on Leland Chapman.

Her husband, Dog the Bounty Hunter, shared that she has been trying to live a normal life at home. “She’s still trying to cook and get involved in my bounties and business. She’s still trying to do everything.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter “constantly” praying to God for Beth’s recovery

Beth Chapman with Dog the Bounty Hunter

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman has been Beth’s support system through this hard time. The 65-year-old reality star has been trying to stay optimistic about his wife’s condition. 

 “I don’t listen to the bad news. I don’t want to hear it. … I pray a lot, anywhere. I cry all the time,” he revealed to Us Weekly. “I’m a sinner. I pray a lot. I have done double that. I constantly ask God to heal my honey and make sure He takes care of it. I’ve been telling Him that I’m going to try and quit smoking and cursing. I’m a dealmaker, and I’ll do anything.”

He also shared that Beth’s cancer is now “incurable.” Her cancer has reportedly spread to her lungs. She was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in September 2017. She has been receiving treatment in Los Angeles ever since. She was declared cancer free a few weeks after her diagnosis. The doctors found out that her cancer had returned after an emergency surgery on November 27 this year.

14 Replies on Beth Chapman Health Updates: Staying positive amid cancer battle

  • Amy elliott

    Amy elliott - Reply

    How is Beth chapman doing I love the shows
  • Tasha

    Tasha - Reply

    I'm so sorry to hear that it's not curable but live your life to the fullest u are a lovely lady n a bad ass on tv n I watch u guys all the time my prayers will always be with u n ur family LOVE TASHA HERON
  • Kathy Hardon

    Kathy Hardon - Reply

    Beth, I hope you are feeling ok. We are all praying for you and a recovery
  • Rhinestone Tina Marie Mckinney

    Rhinestone Tina Marie Mckinney - Reply

    Beth sweetie your in my prayers But don’t let them keep saying Beth’s Cancer don’t claim that please if you do it’s like receiving that cancer from Satan .....always say that or this Cancer never Owen it ,because God Can’t Heal something you keep saying it’s my Cancer throw it Back to Satan and say this Cancer will not take my Life I shall live and not Die but live to Declare the works of the Lord JESUS CHRIST YES AMEN AMEN !!!! 🙏 I Love 💕 ya Beth and your Dog Families Hugs 🤗 Of Love 💕 God Bless y’all 🌹🥰👍💕📖👑🦋🦋🦋Rhema Confesses this and by faith you Confess this too I cannot be defeated and I will not quit !!!! Amen !!!🙏 😡👍💕💞📖👑Love In Christ Rhinestone Mckinney 🦋👑🌹
  • donna mcgehee

    donna mcgehee - Reply

    Dog and Beth i have watched Ur shows over the years and have greatly admired both of u on Ur tough but prayerful ways that u handle Ur bounties and capturing ppl .... i thank u both for allowing me to be part of Ur lives and i wish only the best for u an Ur family. Beth i pray that this cancer is stricken from Ur body in Jesus Christ's Holy an Precious Name i love u both Dog and Beth an the rest of Ur family
  • Brenda loop

    Brenda loop - Reply

    Hey Beth I also am battling cancer it's been a very long road my step mom just passed away today she also had cancer just keep ur head up stay strong and kick cancer ass
  • Patricia Haddock

    Patricia Haddock - Reply

    My prayers are with you Beth and Dog May god walk with you in this time and may he perform a wonderful miracles and and may the doctor say you are in remission and that nasty crap has left you and I believe in miracles I pray daily for you and your family as well as the Chapman family. Love ❤️ you and dog along with the families.
  • Jacque Poitevint

    Jacque Poitevint - Reply

    I went to church today I was sick as a dog Easter and that was the devil. But I made it this week and put a prayer card in for Beth and my daughter who for some strange reason is on this hate trip towards me. I found it more up lifting to pray for Beth. It has been a horrible week. My dearest neighbor whom I can talk to about God was taken home by God with an annurism in her brain. If those Doctors would have done their work a few years ago as they were suppose to she would maybe stlll be with us. this week so it was a unsettleing week. My daughter will get it one day but Beth is so important right now so I would rather pray for her.
  • Deborah mcnicholas

    Deborah mcnicholas - Reply

    Beth you are a beautiful strong woman keep fighting this disease I love watching you and your husband's shows you are in my prayers every night God bless🙏🙏❤
  • Michele Blamires

    Michele Blamires - Reply

    Beth keeping all of your family in my prayers. I love your show and watch daily. I was on meth. I quit 10+ yrs ago. And I am glad to be clean and drug free.

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