Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) returning to Young and the Restless now that Mal Young’s fired?

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Is Doug Davidson returning to Young and the Restless now that head writer Mal Young has been fired? Doug Davidson left the role of Paul Williams earlier this year. Fans were heartbroken to see the legend leave the soap after almost 40 years. Many called for Mal Young to be fired and now that it has happened, will Doug Davidson return to Young and the Restless? Read on to know more!

Doug Davidson may return to the Young and the Restless

After the news of Mal Young broke, several fans took to Twitter to ask Doug if he was returning to the show. The actor tweeted this on December 18 - “I honestly don’t know. But I do believe in miracles.”

He is quite active on Twitter and has been replying to his fans, many of whom are rejoicing the fact that Mal Young is no longer on the show. A few hours after the previous tweet, Doug once again addressed the situation, thanking his fans for the continued support “through a very difficult time.”

Doug Davidson on Twitter

“I don’t know what the future holds. But, I cannot thank you all enough for carrying me through a very difficult time. You buoyed my spirits and kept me looking forward. Regardless of any outcome, I will be forever grateful. God bless you all,” he wrote on Twitter. 

Mal Young fired after angry fans demand Doug Davidson’s return

Mal Young’s direction on the Young and the Restless has rubbed many fans the wrong way. Fans feel that the former showrunner has been putting the legacy actors on the sidelines for newer, younger actors like Jordi Vilasuso. Vilasuso portrays Rey Rosales on the show and he was the one who replaced Doug Davidson’s character as the Genoa City police chief. 

Doug Davidson as Paul Williams

Young joined the long-running soap opera as head writer in 2016, replacing Jill Farren Phelps. He will now be replaced by Y&R supervising producer Josh Griffith.

What is Doug Davidson doing now? 

Doug Davidson has been working on other projects since departing from Young and the Restless. The actor has joined the roster at Media Artists Group Talent Agency. Fans can expect new and exciting projects in the future! Doug is pretty active on Twitter, so follow him @DougDavidsonYR to get details about his next journey from the man himself!

Doug Davidson

But what fans really want is Doug Davidson back as Paul Williams. He began portraying Paul Williams in 1978. He has been nominated for five Daytime Emmy Awards and has won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor. Fans are devastated to see this chapter of his life close. Will he return? Stay tuned for updates!

30 Replies on Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) returning to Young and the Restless now that Mal Young’s fired?

  • Sheila Ray

    Sheila Ray - Reply

    We ...the fans...have been praying for a miracle. I KNOW prayer works. We love this show. And the legacy ACTORS who BELONG there. Not the bottome of the barrel crap that was brought in to replace them. OUR PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED. #Y&Rstill#1
  • Juanita Ross

    Juanita Ross - Reply

    Looking forward to Doug's return.
  • Jeanette Flores

    Jeanette Flores - Reply

    I hope do. I miss seeing you on the show. Nikki needs you now and also she needs Dillon.
  • Ellen

    Ellen - Reply

    Doug, please consider seriously a return to Y&R. We miss you and want you back with all our heart. Plus, only you can wrap up this idiotically drawn out JT fiasco. Much love, Ellen Fuhrer
  • C. Williams

    C. Williams - Reply

    Bring him back to the show they need to fire Ray he doesn't fit the role. We want Paul character back if not The Y&R ratings are going to drop quick
  • Elizabeth berger

    Elizabeth berger - Reply

    Bring this great actor back I have watched this show my whole life and he should come back as same character and the other guy can work under him or it won't be the same he deserves this please
  • Nancy Girard

    Nancy Girard - Reply

    I want Paul to come back and get this show moving again. It would be a great New Year present.
  • Teresa Wimbrow

    Teresa Wimbrow - Reply

    Please have Doug Davidson come back to Y&R. He has truly been missed!!
  • Brenda Powell

    Brenda Powell - Reply

    Paul needs to come back he need on there Paul and all the rest like Victor every one are best I really don't like that Rey show isn't any good like was when Paul Williams please bring him back we love Paul Williams
  • Linda

    Linda - Reply

    YES, bring Paul Davidson back!!!!

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