Who is Josh Griffith? The Young and the Restless’ new head writer who replaced Mal Young

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It has been confirmed that Josh Griffith will be running things at Young and the Restless now that showrunner Mal Young has been fired. He will be joined by Y&R’s longtime supervising producer Anthony “Tony” Morina. Read to know more on who is Josh Griffith and why was Mal Young fired from the Young and the Restless. 

Josh Griffith replaced Mal Young on Young and the Restless

Josh Griffith is a supervising producer on the show. He will now serve as the head writer while Anthony Morina will work as the executive producer. Griffith was previously the executive producer of Y&R from 2006 to 2008. Morina has been working on the show since 2004.

This isn’t the first time that Griffith has taken the helm at Young and the Restless. He was named head writer on the show for a few months in 2007-2008. He also served the position for a brief time in 2012-2013.

Griffith began his career as a writer on the NBC soap Santa Barbara in 1988. He later became an associate head writer on One Life to Live. He left the show in 1995.

Two years later, he co-created NBC soap Sunset Beach with Robert Guza, Jr. Sunset Beach was cancelled after nearly three years. Griffith then returned to One Life to Live for a year. He went on to write for Hogan Sheffer on CBS series As the World Turns. He joined Young and the Restless in 2006 as a creative consultant.

Why was Mal Young fired?

Mal Young

Mal Young’s reign on Young and the Restless has finally come to an end and fans couldn’t be happier. They have been demanding that Young be removed from the writing panel long enough. You could say that Young’s new direction on the show hasn’t been popular with the fans. 

Since taking over, Young has introduced many new characters and put old legacy characters on the sidelines. Fans were especially heartbroken after he let go Doug Davidson from the show earlier this year. Davidson had been nearing his 40th anniversary on the soap. Now that he's fired, fans are wondering if Doug Davidson is returning to Y&R.

Young joined the show back in 2016, replacing Sally Sussman. He was previously a producer for the British soap opera EastEnders. He has also worked on other British series like Brookside, And The Beat Goes On, and Doctors.

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  • Joan Whisnant

    Joan Whisnant - Reply

    I have watched Y&R from beginning of show and hate that Doug Davidson was fired. Bring him back!! Also would love to see Adam and Chelsea characters return. Much lost in period of Mal .. writing and hope improvement happens with new head writer. Look forward to watching with lunch each day nonetheless.
  • betty ann kraeuter

    betty ann kraeuter - Reply

    what a terrible thing to do. the change of Phyllis was so wrong. Gina was so wonderful. People wont want to watch anymore. Don't do this.

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