Who is F1 racer Mick Schumacher’s rumored girlfriend Justine Huysman? Is the couple dating in 2021?

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After arriving with an unknown young girl ahead of the Bahrain pre-season testing,  people online could not stop talking about Mick Schumacher’s relationship with her. The two were photographed together and the picture went immediately viral. People even confirmed her identity and now she's known as Mike’s girlfriend Justine Huysman. Are Mike and Justine in a relationship? Let’s find out everything about Justine Huysman. And if you don’t know who Mike is then we also have his details. Keep reading to find out about his family and family. What is his net worth?

Who Is Justine Huysman? Her age and family

In the beginning, Huysman was just a young woman but now fans have identified everything about her through the viral picture.

Justine Huysman is a Norwegian born to her parents Harald Huysman and Marianne Johnsen. She is 25 years old. She is an understudy of International Law and lawful studies. She also goes to the University of Oslo to major in Public Relations.

You might recognize his father, Harald Huysman, a former race car driver. Huysman is the winner of the Benelux and European championships, F3, World SportsCar Championship, the Porsche Supercup, and many more.

Is Mick Schumacher dating Justine Huysman? 

 Mick Schumacher girlfriend

Australian photographer Kym Illman took the viral picture of Mick and Justine. He might have randomly uploaded their picture thinking young woman with Mick to be a Haas employee but things went south when his followers and Mick’s fan started commenting.

The comment section suggests that the two are actually dating. However, Mick and Justine have not clarified anything yet but the report says Huysman and Schumacher could be dating as they are mostly together.

Mick and Justine are long time friends

We may not know if Mick and Justine are dating in 2021 but they surely knew each other for a long time. The two have been companions since early on. Like Justine’s father, Mike’s father, Michael Schumacher was also a famous racing driver. Since both of them are from a racing background they could have become friends at a young age.

What is Mick Schumacher famous for? Who are his parents? Schumacher’s age, bio

Mick is a Swiss-born German racing driver born on March 22, 1999. He is mostly known for winning the 2018 FIA F3 European Championship and 2020 Formula 2 Championship. At just the age of 22, Mick made a successful career as a kart racer.

Schumacher is born to his famous record-breaking seven-time Formula One World Champion father, Michael Schumacher, and Western riding European Champion mother Corinna Schumacher. 

Mike also has his new documentary out on Netflix amend Schumacher. Check out the trailer of his documentary on YouTube.

Meet Mick on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @mickschumacher.

What is Mick Schumacher’s net worth?

Mick has definitely made a huge amount throughout his career. Don’t take his age for granted just because he is in his 20s. According to our sources, his net worth is almost $5 million. Having said that he has a long way to go and we predict he will soon build his own legacy.

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