What happened to Frank Turner from WNEM-TV? Who is he married to?

Caption : Frank Turner

Channel 5 TV anchor, Frank Turner announced he would not be working at Detroit’s WNEM-TV. Turner says he got fired from the station. But WNEM says something else but not the word fire. Viewers of Channel 5 are deeply saddened by the news but have much support for Tuner. They even called out WNEM for being horrible. Get details on what happened with him at the station? Also, find information on Frank’s bio and family. What is his net worth?

Why was Frank Turner let go from WNEM-TV? Was he fired?

Frank was shockingly let go from WNEM over his mask stance. According to Frank Turner, he got fired from his job because he didn’t want to share the studio unmasked with other friends and colleagues. Frank himself didn’t know his action would lead him to this. On September 9, Thursday, Turner went to Facebook and shared his sorrow regarding his departure. He told his followers that he had no idea it’d be his last day at WNEM-TV 5.

WNEM denied firing Tuner? What do they have to say?

After Frank’s social media post, WNEM-TV also gave a statement saying they did not fire or terminate Turner. They mentioned that employees are obviously required to wear masks but only if they can’t socialize. On-air, talents are minimum spaced 6-feet apart which means masks are not needed to wear. Although they did clarify Frank was not fired but said indirect goodbye wishing him all the best for his future endeavors.

It sounds a bit confusing hearing both sides. But because Tuner is not returning to the station anymore, we can conclude that he quit. The station just should have let him wear a mask. There was no harm in that. So this is why Frank is no longer working at WNEM-TV.

When did Frank join WNEM-TV? Frank’s short bio and  career

Frank has been a news anchor for WNEM-TV for a total of 5 years. He was born in Chicago, United States. He joined the station in 2016.  He has also won two  Emmy awards in his career. Previously Frank worked as a reporter /anchor for an ABC-affiliated television station named WXYZ-TV. He started his career in journalism in 1990. In total, Frank has overall 40 years of experience in the broadcast industry.

Who is Frank Turner’s wife?

Frank Turner is married to his beautiful wife Nicky Turner. She is a former underwriter of Auto-Owners Insurance

The couple shares two lovely children together. Both of them are daughters. Their names are Rachel and Allyson. When Frank has free time from his work, he likes to spend it with his family.

Find more pictures of Frank and Nicky from their Facebook. Their Facebook accounts are @Frank Turner and @Nicky Turner(Annick Smith) respectively.

How much did Frank earn when he worked for WNEM-TV 5? His net worth

Frank was one of the top journalists of WNE M. So, it’s their loss that they let him go away for a silly reason. However, he did earn a good salary. His annual salary was around $50,000-$100,000. Frank’s net worth is more than a million dollars and following his experience and work he might be working for more money than he used to on his next job.

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