Is Gigi Bryant TikTok “@giannabryant13” run by Mamba Academy? Or is it run by the fans?

Caption : Kobe Bryant's daughter Gianna-Maria-Onore-Bryant

Gianna “Gigi” Bryant was one of four daughters of basketball giant, Kobe Bryant, who was killed in the helicopter crash with her father and five others in Calabassas, California, on January 26. People from around the world, including celebrities and political figures, grieved the shocking death of Kobe, Gigi, and those who were in Kobe’s private helicopter. 

A slew of tributes flooded into social media to honor the departed souls. Meanwhile, a number of fan accounts popped up which garnered the attention of a lot of people like this one particular TikTok account @giannabryant13, which has been named after Gianna Bryant.

Here’re a few things you would like to know about the TikTok handle. 

Who runs the TikTok handle, @giannabryant 13?

The Tiktok handle @giannabryant13 was created on January 31, 2020, that is 4 days after Gianna and her father passed away in the tragic accident. 

The page’s first post was a compilation video of Gianna’s best shots which also showed Kobe sitting on the bench and cheering for his daughter. The video has been viewed more than 362K times and has received over 66K likes. In fact, the TikTok page has already got over 131K followers. 

At first, it seemed like the page was created by fans of the young basketball player. The page’s first few posts were about Gigi’s best court moments and Snapchat video clips featuring mom Vanessa Bryant, dad Kobe, younger sister Bianka Bella Bryant and friends. After a few such posts, the page started sharing posts about Gigi and Kobe merchandise from Mamba Academy Clothing. The official website of the clothing line states that it is based in Los Angeles and it is raising money for athlete students and adults. 

What seems to have raised the eyebrows is the fact that this page does not have any official connection with Kobe Bryant’s original Mamba Sports Academy. This makes the account’s activities quite suspicious and has forced people to think that this is more than just a tribute page. 

Whoever is running the account, once commented on one of its posts claiming that it’s an official page by Mamba Academy Management members. But other than that, there isn’t any concrete proof that shows that Mamba Academy Clothing has anything to do with Mamba Sports Academy.

In case this page does not have any connection with Mamba, we will have to conclude that this page’s only intention is to cash in views and generate money by exploiting a tragic incident.

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