Former Gold Rush star Todd Hoffman to start his own mining show

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Fans have been wondering what Todd Hoffman has been doing after leaving Discovery’s Gold Rush. The mining legend left the popular show in February 2018. Don’t worry, you’ll see him back on your television soon enough! Hoffman is creating a new mining show of his own. He has also revealed that he will be making new music. Read on to find out why Todd Hoffman left Gold Rush, details on his new mining show and other updates on Todd Hoffman.

Todd Hoffman working on new mining show

Todd Hoffman may have left Gold Rush but he is not done with mining. He is reportedly partnering with the producers of Bering Sea Gold to create a new mining show. The show has been titled Greenhold Gold. 

Hoffman now has a new dream he wants to chase. He will be focusing on his production company ZUM Media. He started the company in 2016 with producer Jose Behar. 

He and his partner have signed a deal with Bering Sea Gold producers Thom Beers and Jeff Conroy to develop the series. Beers and Conroy are also the producers of Deadliest Catch.

The series will focus on amateur gold mining and will be of a competition format. Greenhorn Gold will feature amateurs from all walks of life competing to dig gold. Six cast members will remain after elimination after the end of the season. The remaining six will walk away with $200k in raw gold. 

What has Todd Hoffman been upto in 2018?

Developing a new mining show is not all what Todd Hoffman’s been doing. He is also getting serious about his music career. Yes, that’s right!

The former Gold Rush star revealed that he wants to focus on singing. He has released some music online so far. “I'm actually starting to get some serious offers...I want to break it big. I want to hit it out of the park,” said Hoffman.

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