Is J.T. Hellstrom Coming Back on The Young and the Restless?

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J.T. Hellstrom has been a major character on The Young and the Restless even after his death. This has led many viewers to believe that the soap still has more storyline for J.T. in the future. But is J.T. really alive? If yes, then where is J.T. Hellstrom now?

What Happened To J.T. Hellstrom?

Newer viewers of Y&R might be wondering who J.T. Hellstrom is. Here’s a brief timeline of the character to help you find out what happened to this man who is frequently being mentioned by the Genoa City residents.

J.T. was one of the most loved characters on the soap, who was introduced back in 1999, as a high school friend of Billy Abbott, Mackenzie “Mac” Browning, Raul Guittierez and Brittany Hodges.

He had been romantically linked with several ladies including Brittany and Mac. He later got married to Victoria and became the head of security at Newman Enterprises.

J.T. and Victoria’s marriage came to an end in 2009 when J.T. admitted to having loved Colleen before she died. He reunited with Mac and they moved to Washington, D.C. along with his son Reed with them to keep Reed away from his grandfather Victor’s influence.

Reed returned to Genoa City by himself after J.T. and Mac decided to move to Poland with their newborn son, Dylan. J.T. followed Reed to town in hopes to make things work again with Victoria. He explained to Victoria that he had split with Mac and wanted to bring their family together.

Victoria eventually learned that J.T. had developed a dark side and wasn’t the man she loved before. J.T. started becoming abusive to her, both physically and emotionally. Later, when Mac returned, she revealed to Victoria that it was the same reason why she and J.T. had split.

Determined to win back Victoria, J.T. started becoming even more violent and aggressive. One night, J.T. sneaked into Victoria’s house and started pleading her to take him back. When Victoria refused, he started abusing her verbally. He lost control and slapped Victoria when she tried to call the police.

Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis rushed upstairs after hearing the noise. To their surprise, they see J.T. in really close proximity of Victoria. Blinded by the sight, Nikki hurried to pick a fireplace poker and hit J.T. in the back of his head, killing him. Later, the four ladies teamed up to bury the body of J.T. in Chancellor Park from where it is missing now.

Is J.T. Coming Back To Y&R? Or Is He Really Dead?

Most of the viewers believe their eyes and think that J.T. is really dead. But there are also viewers who think that he will come back.

Fans were excited to see J.T. back on screen after the gruesome incident but the excitement could not last long as it turned out that it was Eric in the prosthetic mask of J.T.  

Usually, when a character is killed off in a soap, their loved ones move on. But in this case, the people who claim to love JT have not been able to do so. Fans’ hopes have only been raised after J.T.’s body has gone missing from his grave.

Meanwhile, viewers are also excited to see what will happen if J.T. is actually dead. Will Victor be able to save his wife and daughter? And how will Phyllis and Sharon keep her name clean?

Where is J.T. Hellstrom Now?

After exiting from The Young and the Restless, J.T.’s portrayer, Thad Luckinbill, has been busy with other projects. He has not been acting though.

Thad, along with his twin brother Trent and Molly Smith, launched a production company called Black Label Media in 2013. Lately, he produced the movie, Sicario: Day of the Soldado, a sequel to a 2015 film, Sicario. 12 Strong, Only the Brave, Rebel in the Rye, La La Land, Demolition, The Good Lie and Breaking a Monster are other films that he has produced so far.

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