Who is Gold Rush star Tyler Mahoney dating? Find out her net worth, Instagram, parents, boyfriend

Caption : Tyler Mahoney

A 24-year gold digger? No not that gold digger, an actual gold digger. Model and jewelry enthusiast Tyler Mahoney is the new Aussie gold prospector that is taking the world by storm. Know everything about the Gold Rush star Tyler Mahoney from age, bio, wiki, nationality, net worth, family to her Gold Rush adventures, and her boyfriend in the article down below.

Who is Tyler Mahoney? Age, Wiki, Bio

A young businesswoman who can do it all from modeling to gold-digging. She isn’t just your average 24 years old with good looks.

A woman with a mindset and passion to chase all her dreams. Coming from a gold prospector family Mahoney has been inclined to gold-digging from a very young age and says all her knowledge comes from her family and experience. The Kalgoorlie native is also part of the TV show Aussie Gold Hunters.   

All of Tyler Mahoney’s businesses

The Prospectors Club’s founder Tyler Mahoney is the 4th generation prospector from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, both of Tyler’s parents are full-time gold prospectors with 40 plus years experience. Even her grandparents were prospectors. Tyler is just 24 years old and has accomplished a lot in the gold hunting business. 

One might think digging up gold and modeling are worlds apart but not Tyler. She is a model under Scene Model Management. She even has her own Swimwear line which she models for on her Instagram. She also owns a jewelry business that creates sustainable jewelry. Both her swimwear line and jewelry line are called Mae by Tyler

How much is Tyler Mahoney’s net worth??

There is absolutely no doubt that a gold digger makes a lot of money. And when you have multiple businesses to back it up while having a great time you can guess Mahoney makes a lot. Her main source of income is believed to be her appearance in season 10 of Gold Rush. Although her net worth hasn’t been revealed yet we believe it is at the range of hundreds and thousands of US dollars.

Find Tyler Mahoney on Instagram

You can find Tyler on Instagram with the handle name @tyler_m_mahoney. Quite an influencer, Mahoney flaunts her 46.5k followers on her Instagram and looks like she has a very aesthetic feed maintained. She mostly posts pictures with her friends, a bunch of outfit photos, selfies, and ones with the crew from her show Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. She also flaunts her abs with bikini photos we believe are from her brand Mae by Tyler.

All about Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail

Parker Schnabel and his friends pay tribute to the legends before them and attempt the Klondike Trail of 1897. The Australian factual television show follows them as they search deep in the remote outback of Western Australia and across the iconic goldfields of Victoria.

By overcoming multiple obstacles of brutal heat, punishing conditions, mechanical breakdown, and constant pressure, each crew pursues their targets and on their way, they make new discoveries. 

Are Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney dating?

Co-star romance is every fan’s dream come true but we aren’t quite sure about this one. Parker and Tyler seem to be very close with the catalyst being their similar ages and their on-screen chemistry. Both come from mining families and have a passion for gold-digging.

Tyler’s post on Instagram has been acting as the ray of hope for the fan’s ship to sail but then again her other post with her boyfriend Jack Lathey with the caption “When you’re dating a bloody legend 🙏🏻 love you x” might have destroyed the ship. Tyler hasn’t revealed her relationship status publicly yet.

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