Where is All Girls Garage Located? All about All Girls Garage location, cast, Season 8 and behind the scenes

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Where is All Girls Garage located? Why did Rachel de Barros leave the All Girls Garage cast? Who is replacing Rachel? Here is everything you need to know about the All Girls Garage location, Season 8 cast, episodes and behind the scenes.

Everything you need to know about All Girls Garage

Is the Garage a man’s world? A very popular belief that many of us shared until The All Girls Garage proved us wrong. Supporting women and proving the world women are just as capable of getting their hands dirty in the mechanic empire. 

The All Girls Garage first premiered on March 3, 2012, under the Velocity channel which is now called the Motor Trend network. The reality show shows girls’ aptitudes on how to repair and upgrade selected vehicles. Following three girls (now two) that are passionate about machines and vehicles the series is about them taking on projects that are mostly taken by their male counterparts.

With each new episode, they break down complex projects into DIY-friendly steps, while showcasing each woman’s unique expertise in the world of automotive repair and service. None of the processes of them putting in the effort, and doing the project is staged. The show is known for not being sugar-coated and tension can be sensed easily.

Who is in the All Girls Garage Cast?

The show first started with Sarah Latenier aka Bogi, Cristy Lee, and Jessi Combs. Jessi left the show to pursue her career in racing and became part of the Discovery Channel's Break Room. She died in a car accident in an attempt to break her record on August 27, 2019. Right now Bogi and Cristy are still in the show. Rachel, a prominent member of the show, left it in 2019.

All the women part of the show had several opportunities and career options in the past but their passion for automobiles and machinery came through. Cristy first started off as a radio DJ and also an event MC before being cast in the All Girls Garage.

For Bogi she originally studied to become a lawyer despite wanting to pursue cars. Both of them ultimately gave up their field to fuel their passion. They worked in other garages and even driveways before being cast in the All Girls Garage.

Why did Rachel leave All Girls Garage?

The chief marketing officer, host, and executive producer for Gearhead Diva, Rachel De Barros is known to empower young and "young-at-heart" everyday enthusiasts to achieve their goals using common tools in a home garage environment. A self-taught mechanic Rachel is truly an inspiration for many girls.

When she revealed on 6th April 2019, with a Facebook post that she will no longer be part of the show fans were shocked. Fans speculate that it was Motor Trend to spice up the cast and change their route like they did when removing Jessi from the show. We believe Rachel left the show to pursue other opportunities with one being her business, Purple Star Media, LLC which she started way back in 2006.

Who is replacing Rachel in All Girls Garage?

Replacing Rachel, the Motor trend really came through by casting Faye Hadley. Faye is the newest member added to the show, she is the founder of the Pistons & PixieDust in Texas, where she works as a Toyota- and Lexus-certified automotive technician.

She is also the founder of #WomanAndMachine, an organization of tradeswomen that hosts daylong, female-centered, automotive workshops across the country. She even teaches a series of popular, hands-on workshops for women several times a month.

All you need to know about All Girls Garage Season 9:

Season 8 just ended and now on to season 9, the All Girls Garage has been giving fans nothing but hits after hits taking on projects and fan-favorite cars. Season 9 of the series has already released 4 episodes with Camaro engine swap being the latest.

The crew finally talks a Camaro owner into swapping out his underpowered 305 small block for an overpowered 383 that will make 450hp. We cannot wait for the next episode. Stay tuned for more updates on All Girls Garage Season 8 cast, behind the scenes, Rachel De Barros and All Girls Garage Location.

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