Heartland Season 15 in 2021: When will it come out? Release Date, Cast, and Story update

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The new season of longest-running Canadian family comedy-drama Heartland is right around the corner. This year, Heartland is coming back with its 15th season. And to be honest, Season 15 was surely bound to happen. The show’s popularity has grown so exponentially in the past few years that it has roughly collected more than a million viewers. The news is exciting for all those heartland fans who were waiting for something magical to happen. If you would like to know when it will start and what will happen, then keep on reading. Also, get updates on an old and new cast of Season 15.

When will Heartland season 15 release?

Heartland announced with a special message on Twitter that they renewed their show for the 15th season. In the video, you see the main cast, Amber Marshall as Amy Flemings saying the Heartland family could not be happier because season 15 is a go.

She ended her video by thanking all the Heartland fans and told them she can’t wait for them to see the stories they have to come.

The first episode of the new season will premiere on Sunday, October 17, 2021.

When did Heartland Season 15 start filming?

Heartland’s crew are already on the location and they have already begun shooting as well. According to the sources, they started filming on June 7, 2021. There are some reports that the new season will have a total of 10 episodes which is similar to the number of entries released in the last seasons.

How many seasons does Heartland have? Can you watch it on Netflix?

There are a total of 14 seasons of Heartland as of 2021. Out of which only 13 of them are available to stream on Netflix. Each episode runs for around 44 minutes. 

Viewers are waiting for Netflix to make the 14th season available as soon as possible. Some have guessed that season 14 might arrive in 2022 so it’s possible that Season 15 will only arrive in the following year on Netflix.

Expect the new season of Heartland to drop in 2022 and 2023 on Netflix.

Heartland cast for season 15: Who might leave and join in the new season?

So far, we can assure you that the main actors like Amber Marshall, Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston Jessica Steen, Kerry James, Madison Cheeatow, Aidan Moreno, and Ava Tran will 100% appear in Season 15. 

Besides the regular cast, you can also expect to see Chris Potter, Alisha Newton, Gabriel Hogan, Adrian Spencer, and some new faces as well.

If you are wondering whom we wouldn’t see in the new season then it’s probably Graham Wardle. As we know his character Ty Borden sadly passed away in early season 14.

There are also some rumors that Chris Potter is leaving the show. In early season 14, there was also a plot twist, which if continued, he might not be returning as Tim Fleming in Season 15. In one interview he gave, he did mention that it was challenging for him to align his family life and career since he stays a 5-hour flight away from where the shooting takes place.

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