Is Hilary Curtis returning to the Young and the Restless? Mishael Morgan's baby has turned 1!

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Is there a chance that Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) is returning to Young and the Restless? Mal Young has been fired from the show and Josh Griffith could writer Hilary back into the show. Hilary returning to Genoa City won't even surprise fans as they are used to such resurrections. Read on to know more on what happened to Hilary Curtis and if she's returning to Young and the Restless.

Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) returning after Mal Young exit?

Mal Young's exit from the soap opera means there's a new direction and anything could happen. Hilary's love story with Devon Hamilton, played by Bryton James, was just beginning to heat up when she was killed off in a car accident caused by Lily Winters (Christel Khalil).

Mishael Morgan with Y&R costar Camryn Grimes

Devon has been struggling with her passing ever since and turned to drinking and partying to cope with his grief. If she were to return, Lily could also be released from prison and have a reunion with Cane and her kids.

One way to bring her back is to reveal that she faked her death for some reason; probably to get away after realizing that she has lost her baby. Nate Hastings (Brooks Darnell) could have helped her get away with it. It would be a hell of a plot twist but we're sure the fans would go crazy for it!

Why did Mishael Morgan leave Young and the Restless?

Fans were heartbroken to see Mishael Morgan leave the show earlier this year. The actress left the show to give birth to her second child. She and her husband, Navid Ali, welcomed a baby girl on November 8, 2018. So, maybe she won't be returning to the show just yet.

Mishael Morgan and her family

However, around the time of her exit rumors circulated that many actresses quit Young and the Restless over abuse allegations behind the scenes. Sources reported that Mal Young was verbally abusive to the women on the set, often leaving them in tears.

Longtime Y&R actress Eileen Davidson also left the show around the same time Mishael left and Christel Khalil also demanded that she be dropped to a recurring status on the show. Could their departure have been the result of the allegations?

14 Replies on Is Hilary Curtis returning to the Young and the Restless? Mishael Morgan's baby has turned 1!

  • Susan Miller

    Susan Miller - Reply

    Hi I would love to see all three ladies back full time. Hilary could come back to life from Nate hiding her. Ashley could come back when life is not as super great as she thought n Lily could b out of jail quickly. So writers do ur stuff n make us happy again. Oh n instead of the previously thing say what's going to happen on the following day !
  • Peggy

    Peggy - Reply

    This would be great and I hope they bring Adam back as well please bring Michael back to this would be good for Devon
  • Gina

    Gina - Reply

    Please be bring Hilary back! Give her a storyline again Mia! (That would be great!)
  • Martha Seamster

    Martha Seamster - Reply

    Please bring Hillary back to the show we knew something was wrong when all of them wanting to lease and they were mad oh please bring her back she spice things up I really miss Hillary
  • Florence Fasciana

    Florence Fasciana - Reply

    Happy for her return
  • Sonya m Clanton

    Sonya m Clanton - Reply

    I hope so I want to see her Come back from the dead
  • Aundrea Belnavis

    Aundrea Belnavis - Reply

    Her return would be Epic
  • Earlean Stokes

    Earlean Stokes - Reply

    Please come back we miss ur beautiful smile.
  • S. Edwards

    S. Edwards - Reply

    Cut the lesbian line between Maranda and Tessa, terrible!!!!! And no, I am not homophobic, I have watched Y&R for years for entertainment, I don't find what's going on with the two women entertaining. Y&R were the last ones to aire the lesbian line, I thought we had been spared, all of the viewing public should not have to be a part of that particular life style. Bold and Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our lives allowed this life style to become the norm. Y&R, I thought would keep it real. I believe that there should be a separate network for those that are interested in Gay and lesbian line. Just saying.
  • Nicole Washington

    Nicole Washington - Reply

    I would love to see Hillary back, the show hasn't been the same without her! Bring back Eileen Davidson as well! Not a fan of the new family, just Mia.

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