Everything to know about Misty Raney from Homestead Rescue

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Misty Raney Bilodeau is one of the main cast members of Homestead Rescue, a reality show on Discovery Channel. Misty, along with her father and brother, has been helping struggling homesteaders across the country by teaching them the necessary skills to survive the wilderness. Read on know more about this skilled homesteader.

Misty Raney Wiki: Age, Parents, Nationality

Misty was born on November 9, 1981, in Sitka, Alaska, to parents Marty and Mollee Raney. She is one of four children of her parents. She has two brothers - Matthew “Matt” and Miles - and a sister - Melanee. Misty turned 37 years old in November last year.

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Misty grew up in Alaska, learning how to survive in nature’s extreme conditions. She has learned some of the crucial skills like farming and constructing. Besides, she is also an amazing mountaineer and a certified mountain guide and logistic coordinators. In fact, all of her siblings are mountaineers, hunter-gatherer, mountain guides and logistic coordinators. All the Raney siblings are also musicians.

Being a farmer and constructer, Misty is particularly good at securing clean water and reinforcing weak homes. She teaches other homesteaders means to collect food, along with methods of sustainable farming and preserving food that would keep food in usable condition for an entire year. She teaches the families how to cut down waste by composting it into fertilizers for their farm. She is an expert at building a greenhouse, smokers, and enclosures to keep the livestock safe from predators.

Who is Misty Raney’s husband Maciah Bilodeau?

Misty has been married to a guy named Maciah Bilodeau for a long time now. The two have been together since 2000 and are happily raising their young son, Gauge. He will turn 8 on April 14 this year. 

Misty’s husband Maciah is a carpenter and surfer. Misty’s Instagram suggests that their son Gauge is already a good surfer too. 

Maciah adores Misty and her father’s chemistry a lot which has led him to give her a moniker as “Little Marty.” Misty said, “My husband, in a not so weird way - or maybe it is weird - calls me ‘Little Marty’ which is painful to hear. It’s such a compliment at the same time.”

Misty Raney's husband and son

Misty, Maciah, and Gauge live in an 800 square feet cabin in Hatcher Pass, Alaska, which is close to the Raney family home. The Bilodeaus also have a home in Hawaii, where they live during the winters. They return to Alaska in the summers.

In Alaska, Misty does not only do farming but also looks after the Raney family business, Alaska Stone and Log. She also joins her family in fishing and moose hunting.

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    How do the homesteaders that need help get chosen? Do they write to the Rainey business? Do they pay for the help they recieve? I know they pay for the supplies to get their homesteads livable but do they also pay for the Rainey's travel expenses and knowledge?

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