Is Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan) coming back to Shameless? What happens to Ian and Mickey on Shameless Season 10

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Cameron Monaghan, who plays Ian Gallagher, is coming back to Shameless Season 10. He is back on the current season after a hiatus. Fans are now wondering if Mickey and Ian end up together on the show. Read on to know the fate of Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich on Shameless.

Ian Gallagher returning to Shameless Season 10

Cameron Monaghan left the show in 2018 and Ian Gallagher was sent to prison. He returned four months later. On January 31, 2019, at the time of the show's renewal news, Showtime revealed that Monaghan was returning to the show. 

Ian Gallagher confirmed that he has signed a one-year contract as a series regular.

In an interview at the TV Critics' Association press tour, the actor said that he wanted to spread his wings creatively. "It got to the point where I wanted to step away for creative reasons as well as business, which many other actors had done on the show years earlier."

Ian Gallagher returns to Shamelss

He continued, "I took some time away and I talked to John Wells, the showrunner, about possible things we could do with the character in the future, and we got to a place both creatively and financially where I felt comfortable coming back, and much of that had to do with what we were going to do with the story."

Monaghan is expected to return for the entire duration of the new season. 

Do Mickey and Ian end up together in Season 10?

Ian was written out of the series toward the end of the first half of last season when he was sentenced to prison. The writers seemed to give him a somewhat happy ending as it was revealed that his cellmate in prison was former lover Mickey (Noel Fisher).

It hasn't been confirmed if Mickey is returning to the show. When asked about what's to become of the two, Ian said, "That is a question for Noel and the producers."

Ian and Mickey

Instead, the actor hopes to show fans how Ian's life has changed. "Now that we've torn him down...instead of just looking for a relationship for resolving relationship conflict to [it would be interesting] to instead [to see him] be working on himself."

Watch Ian Gallagher return to Shameless Season 9 on Wednesdays! Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates on Shameless Season 10.

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  • Mark W. Noonan

    Mark W. Noonan - Reply

    After Noel Fisher Reprised his Role to End Gallivich Ian and Mickey and he pulls this crap. DON’t get me wrong I’m ECSTATIC Ian’s back. But depending on how long Ian was with Mickey Ian has got to realize the He Loves Mickey more than life itself. After all the Drama and still End it on a high note tells you that the Love both Ian and Mickey have for each other is the kind of Love that comes ONLY ONCE IN A LIFETIME. If Gallivich Ends badly I’ll Blame the writers and not Cameron Monaghan.

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