Is Jonathan Gannon related to Rich Gannon?

Caption : Are they related?

Two football personalities of the NFL, Jonathan Gannon, and Rich Gannon happened to share the same last name. However, the simple detail made many fans wonder if they could relate in any way. Some even wondered whether Jonathan Gannon is Rich Gannon’s son or brother because of their age difference. Can the Gannons be family or at least brothers? Keep reading to find out if they are related or not. We have details on their bio, family and their football career.

There could have been some possibility for Jonathan Gannon and Rich Gannon to relate to each other. The two not only share the same last name and both of them have a career in football.

Nevertheless, there’s no evidence that these two link with one another. They do not seem to have either direct or indirect family connections. It seems like football and their last name appear to be where the similarity ends.

There has not been a single opportunity for Jonathan and Rich to share the screen together. Otherwise, they would clear things out together.

Jonathan Gannon age, bio, career, and family

Jonathan Gannon

Jonathan Gannon was born on April 4, 1983, in Cleveland, Ohio. He became the defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League in 2021. Previously he served as an assistant coach for the Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans, and Atlanta Falcons. 

Jonathan is a professional and demanding coach as of 2021 as he has more than 12 years of experience in coaching football. In addition to football, he also likes other sports like basketball. And other than sports he has an interest in watching movies and TV series to pass leisure time.

In high school Jonathan was a successful three-sport athlete. He won a state championship in basketball as a point guard, a district champion as a hurdler in track, and also a standout wide receiver and defensive back.

Unfortunately, Jonathan’s football career-ending injury is why he quit becoming a player and instead became a coach.

Jonathan is happily married to his wife Gina. The couple has two children from their blissful marriage. Unfortunately, he has not shared many details about his family. He is also not available on social media like Instagram. Maybe he wants to keep his personal life private.

Rich Gannon age, bio, career, and net worth

Rich Gannon is a former football quarterback born on December 20, 1965. He is from  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with American nationality and Caucasian race. His full name is Rich Joseph Gannon.

He played in the NFL for 18 seasons in teams like the Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs, and Oakland Raiders. Rich is also involved as a sports commentator for Sirius NFL Radio & NFL on CBS Analyst

Rich officially retired from the sport in 2005 at the age of 40. He then shifted his career to broadcasting. He was the NFL analyst on CBS until Feb 2021.

Find Rich Gannon on Twitter and Instagram. He goes by @RichGannon12 and his Instagram handle is @richgannon12__. According to sources, Rich makes about $105,000 a year at CBS Sports. From his previous and current career, his net worth could be around $1million -$3 million.

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