Why did Rachel Maddow want to leave MSNBC?

Caption : Rachel Maddow on Jimmy Fallon

MSNBC’s top-rated star, Rachel Maddow gave cheerful news that she will be staying at MSNBC for several more years. Maddow previously reported on her interest that she would like to leave the cable news channel and launch her own new media ventures. However, she has officially changed her mind so she is continuing to host ‘The Rachel Maddow Show.’ Why did she want to quit her job at MSNBC. What happened to her?  

Why did Rachel Maddow want to leave MSNBC?

Rachel Maddow had thought of leaving MSNBC for some personal and professional reasons. According to sources, the main reason she decided to leave the network was that she wants to focus more on her podcasting and streaming projects. It would also be a serious blow to the fortunes of MSNBC if Maddow left the show. 

We also found out that Rachel’s contract was set to expire next year. That could also be another reason for her to start thinking about her next career.

Rachel will continue to host ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ which airs on MSNBC

Rachel is a talented multitasker lady. She can have her hand in books, movies, and several new projects along with continuing to host for the network. No wonder why she is the highest-rated host on MSNBC.

Rachel Maddow has surprisingly signed a much broader deal at NBCUniversal. She renewed her contract with the television cable channel news network in 2021. According to reports, she did not only extend her career but also changed her role. Yes, you heard it right she won’t have the same role that she had for more than a decade. In her new role, she will start new projects with the network’s parent company NBCUniversal. 

The whole agreement came after some negotiation and rapport. This will keep Maddow at the cable news outlet beyond 2022.

The agreement, in summary, means she will continue to host ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ weeknights at 9 pm ET. ‘TRMS’ is an American liberal news and opinion television program hosted by Rachel Maddow.

The Rachel Maddow Show is also on Instagram. The Instagram handle is @maddowshow. The account has506k followers and more than 300 posts.

Although she has a new contract and new role, it is hard to comment that her salary would be higher compared to before. Nobody has yet declined how much Maddow would be exactly paid. There’s only information about her job having a more flexible schedule and ideas. The key component of her new contract is somehow said to be only more scheduling flexibility as of now.

Rachel Maddow’s agreement is not limited to the news

Rachel will rise in her career as she signed a very profitable deal with the network. Her deal will provide her freedom to pursue a wide range of formats including movies and TV series.

NBCU's Focus Features has even already started working actively on a feature film version of ‘Bag Man’, based on Maddow's podcast and the book of the same name. Maddow is also starting her own production company and she already has extra ideas for her upcoming projects. 

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