Is LaRoyce Hawkins (Kevin Atwater) leaving Chicago PD? Does Atwater die in Season 6?

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First Olinski, and now Atwater? Is Kevin Atwater leaving Chicago PD? Fans are wondering if LaRoyce Hawkins is leaving Chicago PD after the latest Season 6 episode. Does Atwater die in Season 6?

Is LaRoyce Hawkins leaving Chicago PD?

LaRoyce Hawkins portrays officer Kevin Atwater in Chicago P.D. The role was first originated in Chicago Fire. Atwater was sidelined for most of the previous seasons of the show but Season 6 has really put a spotlight on the character. This season, he got a feature episode on November 14, 2018 titled "Black and Blue" in which he got romantically involved with a woman only later to see her get hauled off in the back of a police car. 

Kevin Atwater in Chicago PD

Now fans are worried his time on the show might be ending. Will Atwater get shot in the next episode? Chicago P.D. returns on January 16, 2019. Tune in to Chicago P.D. Season 6 at 10/9c on NBC to know if Atwater dies! Stay tuned for more updates.

Prior to Chicago P.D., LaRoyce Hawkins has appeared in several television series such as Ballers, Tyler Perry's House of Payne, Underemployed and Detroit 1-8-7. In 2008, Hawkins starred in the Ernie Davis biopic The Express, where he portrayed Art Baker.

Fan reactions to Kevin Atwater leaving Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. fans are not happy about Kevin Atwater potentially getting shot in the next episode. They've made it clear on Twitter that they want LaRoyce Hawkins to stay on the show. 

"WHOA. Are the writers going through a list or something? Voight, Lindsay, Al, Jay, Antonio, Ruzek, and now Atwater? @NBCChicagoPD This episode of #ChicagoPd was crazy," wrote Chasity C.

"[email protected] if you kill off Atwater, I'm done. You already sent his only love interest on the show to prison and Voight KNOW he could have gotten her off. If Atwater goes, it's a wrap. #SaveAtwater," wrote Kelli Stewart.

Tune in to Chicago P.D. Season 6 on NBC  next Wednesday to find out if LaRoyce Hawkins (Kevin Atwater) is leaving Chicago P.D.

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  • Loneva Wolfolk

    Loneva Wolfolk - Reply

    Keep Hawkins Enough Characters Have Gone Off The Show! How Many Black Actors Are On The Show? You Need Diversity!
  • Thomas Taylor

    Thomas Taylor - Reply

    First Al now Kevin give Kevin a romantic interest with his first partner that would spice up the show
  • Audrey Antoine

    Audrey Antoine - Reply

    Don’t take off Atwater he is a good cop we need more rolling on the show.he is a good actor put him on sick leave for now
  • Burns

    Burns - Reply

    Yep it Atwater goes so do I .
  • Kate

    Kate - Reply

    I really love watching Chicago PD. One of my all time favorite characters from day one was,LaRoyce Hawkins (Kevin Atwater) I would truly be devastated and sad if he exits from the show. It's not cool to see your favorites get shot but,if LaRoyce Hawkins (Kevin Atwater) must be shot,at least let him live like Antonio ,Kim,Trudy,Jay,Adam etc. He is such an awesome actor. I would hate to see him go in the middle of season six. I would hate to see him go in general. He has so many friends and family members who will definitely miss him. Please keep LaRoyce Hawkins (Kevin Atwater) on Chicago PD. He makes the show extremely exciting and powerful. He is a true leader. I am blessed to be a fan of LaRoyce Hawkins (Kevin Atwater) . I love you as Kevin. Please stay so other loyal viewers can get to know your role in Chicago PD.
  • Evadney Bishop

    Evadney Bishop - Reply

    If Kevin leaves i am finish watching the show
  • Yvonne Alexander

    Yvonne Alexander - Reply

    If Atwater leaves so do I!!!!!! #LaRoyceHawkinsđź’‹
  • Deidra Davis

    Deidra Davis - Reply

    If atwater dies im protesting first Al im still in mourning over him then Antonio hook in pain meds linsya gone im protesting rhis us roo m7ch
  • Marjorie Morrison

    Marjorie Morrison - Reply

    If Atwater is killed off OMG!!! I will,stop watching the show and tell all my friends who watch to stop watching.
  • .help me understands your logic

    .help me understands your logic - Reply


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