Is NCIS Season 16 the last season for Mark Harmon?

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a staple character on the CBS police procedural, NCIS. The character is being portrayed by actor Mark Harmon since 2003. Rumors of Mark leaving NCIS has been swirling around for some time but is it true? Find out with us.

What happened to Mark Harmon?

In mid-March 2017, there were reports that Mark was facing some health issues. He was being haunted by nightmares of a heart attack, leaving co-workers and fans worried about his well-being. This even led many to presume that the 67-year-old could be on his last legs. 

Harmon, who was once a college football star in the 70s, turned reclusive and rarely left his home. A rep stated, “Mark looks like he’s wasted away! And he seems to have a lot less energy.” He also mentioned that the actor spent much of his time “holed up inside his house” when he was not working.

Another worried pal reported, “It’s very unusual for him. He’s always been so active and athletic. Friends are deeply concerned!”

Actor Mark Harmon

Harmon also seemed frail after visible signs of weight loss. According to a top weight loss expert, the NCIS alum had lost at least 20 pounds. Later, a source who spotted him outside his LA home said, “Mark seemed surprisingly frail. He was struggling with a box marked Meet the Butchers to give to a delivery driver. He didn’t look well. He didn’t look much like his TV character.”

Amidst all the health scare reports, a rep close to the TV crime buster confirmed that there was nothing wrong with his health. 

Is Mark Harmon really leaving NCIS?

The rumors of Mark’s exit has been around for quite a long time. His health scares had fueled the rumors even more in 2017. But the actor has never indicated his plans of leaving the show.

Considering how deeply the character is rooted in the hearts of viewers, it seems quite unlikely for the NCIS writers to let go of Mark’s character. Moreover, the show has never confirmed any of the rumors of Leroy Jethro Gibbs’s departure from NCIS which indicates that it is just a hoax.

Mark Harmon at a public event

According to Entertainment Weekly, Mark signed his latest contract in April 2018. The way he has described his long tenure on the show in the past suggests that there’s still a long way for him to go on the famous police procedural.

Talking to ET Canada, he said, “You gotta pay attention to what it took to get it to this point. I don’t forget that I’ve been in too many shows that haven’t done well.” He also stated, “To have an appreciation for getting up in the morning and enjoying that drive, to know that you’re coming every day to work with friends ... And oh yeah, by the way, it’s the number one show in the world. So, there’s a lot to love here.”

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