Is Steffy Forrester leaving the Bold and the Beautiful? Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is pregnant with first baby!

Caption : Steffy leaving Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy Forrester is leaving Bold and the Beautiful soon! Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is leaving the show as she is going on a maternity leave. Read on for more details on Steffy Forrester leaving Bold and the Beautiful.

Why is Steffy Forrester leaving Bold and the Beautiful?

Steffy and Hope

Actress Jacqueline MacInness Wood, who portrays Steffy Forrester, is currently expecting a child. She is due in February and could give birth any day now! Which means the new mother will be on a maternity leave soon and Steffy will also be away from the screen for a noticeable amount of time. 

So it makes sense that the writers will make Steffy leave town for a while. As fans know, Steffy recently adopted a baby girl who is in fact Hope's baby that Dr. Reese stole and sold to Taylor. Hope is devastated after the death of her baby Beth and finds comfort in seeing baby Phoebe (who is her own baby!).

Her obsession has got the best of her and the baby is the most important thing in her life right now. Steffy is worried about Hope's infatuation with her baby. She might leave town with her girls to get away from an obsessed Hope. 

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood pregnant with first baby

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is expecting her first child with her husband Elan Ruspoli. She announced her pregnancy back in October 2018. They are having a baby boy!

She has been married to her husband since July 2018. They got engaged in November 2017.

Wood will be going on maternity leave soon which means Steffy will be missing on Bold and the Beautiful for a noticeable time period. The writers will have to explain her absence. Tune in to Bold and the Beautiful on weekdays to know why Steffy Forrester is leaving the show.

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