Who is J Mounira Shia from Mad House Motors? Wiki on family, Mad House Motors team

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J Mounira Shia is the owner of Madhouse Motors. Mother to a son, she is an internationally renowned custom motorcycle builder. Here is a short wiki/bio on J Shia's family and Madhouse Motors team. Also find out the location of Madhouse Motors.

Madhouse Motors' J Shia family wiki

J Shia's father and son

J Shia comes from a family of stone masons, mechanics and metal workers, who have passed down the trade of fixing machines for several generations. Shia credits her father, Mike Shia, as one of the greatest teachers in her life. 

"My business is my life, but family is everything," says Shia. Her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017. Thankfully, the doctors found it in early stages and he was able to beat it. Shia put Madhouse Motors on hold to support her father post surgery.

"He is doing well and has been back hanging around the shop for a while now, fixing things with us, and cracking jokes with the guys and back on his bikes," Shia said in August 2019.

Madhouse Motors location

Madhouse Motors is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The famed motorcycle repair shop is located on 8 Rugg Road, Boston, MA 02134.  A quick web search revealed that Madhouse Motors is closed on weekdays. You can visit the shop anytime between 8:45 am to 4:45 pm on weekdays.

How J Shia founded Madhouse Motors

J Shia with son

The passion for vintage motorcycles was instilled in J Shia since an early age. Her Lebanese family continued their family tradition of mechanical trade when they immigrated to the US. J Shia named her shop, Madhouse Motors, after the home she grew up in. Her neighbors used to called her home "The Madhouse" because of the dozens of vintage bikes that would be scattered throughout their yard.

From a young age, Shia would assist her father and uncles on their motorcycle projects. When she was a teenager, her father allowed her to take whatever junk bike she found in their yard and fix it herself. 

After working on some 60 bikes, Shia decided to open an official business which became Madhouse Motors.

Madhouse Motors' J Shia has a son

You probably know this but J Shia is a young mother. She became the guardian of her son, Audai Shia, when she was 19, during which she was in college to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts.

Having a little on and going to college felt like having a lot on her plate but her supportive family and the Madhouse Motors team helped her make her duties more manageable. It doesn't seem like J Shia is married.

The Madhouse Motors team

Madhouse Motors J Shia

The Madhouse Motors team are quite the talented bunch. According to the official Madhouse Motors website, Richy George is the master mechanic of the shop who is assisted by Mark. JR is the architect and designer while Brendan is the engineer. Lou works as a shop hand and Rachow looks over the advertising and design for Madhouse Motors. The shop's social media is handled by Gretchen aka Rabbit.

The Madhouse Motors team isn't complete without J Shia's family. Shia's parents, Mike and Abi, are also a part of Madhouse Motors team. Her mom is also the editor. She also credits her son, Audai, as the motivation. Stay tuned for more updates on J Mournia Shia and Madhouse Motors.

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