Who is Edna (Dona) Caldas? The woman who gave free burgers to Cristiano Ronaldo as a child

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Cristiano Ronaldo has finally discovered the identity of "Edna", the McDonald's woman who offered him free burgers as a child after a very emotional interview with Piers Morgan on ITV. Who is Edna (Dona) Caldas? Read on for the full story behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Edna.

Cristiano Ronaldo reunites with Edna

Cristiano Ronaldo Piers Morgan

36 year old Edna Caldas has been finally identified as the woman who was generous to Cristiano Ronaldo when he was a youngster. The woman came forward after the Juventus striker urged her to get in contact during an interview with Peirs Morgan on ITV. 

In a tearful interview with Morgan, Ronaldo revealed how he and his friends would knock on the McDonald's door near his boyhood club Sporting Lisbon stadium. Edna and two other ladies would hand them free burgers whenever they showed up. Cristiano is reportedly worth half a billion pounds currently, but the legendary player grew up in relative poverty.

This small act of kindness stuck with the star player all his life. He shared that he could not trace the kind strangers again after the shop was closed. 

During the interview, Ronaldo said that he would like to invite the three women to Lisbon or Turin for dinner if he ever finds them.

Edna Caldas, one of three women, who offered Cristiano free burgers

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the trio, Edna Carina Emanuel Caldas, ultimately reached out to the Portuguese news outlet, Record, which revealed that she was excited to know that Cristiano was looking for her. She told Record, "I’m happy and it just shows how humble he is. “I’m no-one really for him to remember me like that."

“This was something that all happened such a long time ago. I’m really happy at what he’s gone on to become. I never thought he would remember me so many years on. It shows how wonderful he is that he hasn’t forgotten small things like this from his past," she added. 

Edna and Cristiano had struck up a friendship around the time he would come to the McDonald's for burgers. She claimed that she had gone for coffee with Cristiano on one occasion. 

Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend

In addition to Edna, another woman named Paula Leca also came forward as one of the three women. The mother of three told Portuguese radio station Renascenca, "They would appear in front of the restaurant and when there were hamburgers left over our manager would give us permission to hand them over...It’s funny to go back now to something that happened so long ago. It shows his humility. At least now people know this wasn’t an invention.”

But Leca is not one of the three women that Cristiano is searching for. Morgan took to Twitter to respond to Leca's claims.  "She's not one of the three women Ronaldo was talking about. The hunt continues," he tweeted.

In addition to talking about Edna, the five time Ballon d'Or winner expressed his wish to leave Juventus to Piers Morgan during the ITV interview. Cristiano is ready to make a move to the Premiere League, where Manchester United is reportedly preparing to welcoming him.

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