Jaden Hossler and Mads Lewis have broken up! What happened between them?

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People on the internet are going crazy after the breakup of this famous Tiktok couple, Jaden Hossler and Mads Lewis. The duo used to be one of the most liked couples on the internet and fans often shipped them together as “Jads.” The couple just began dating in late 2019. So what went wrong between the two that they decided to end their relationship. Here’s everything we know so far.

Jaden Hossler confessed on Twitter that he did not cheat on Mads Lewis

Jaden Hossler and Mads Lewis began dating in December of 2019. On December 6, he shared the first picture of them together on his Instagram, where he boasts more than 1.7 million followers. Even before that, the two used to appear on each other’s TikTok videos frequently and fans loved them seeing together.

While they were in a relationship, Jaden shared several pictures of him and Mads on his Instagram handle, which he has still not deleted from his profile. In most of these pictures, Jaden has referred to his ex-girlfriend as his muse, his best friend, and his right side. It has been a long time since they guested on each other’s TikTok handles but they still have the old videos of them together on their profile.  

The last time Jaden appeared on Mads’ TikTok was on February 12, 2020. Then on Valentine’s day, Mads made a shocking tweet. She did not give much detail but simply tweeted, “Is it Feb 15th yet?”

Just a couple of days later, Mads uploaded a video of her lipsyncing to a heart-break song by Noah Cyrus, Make Me Cry. And although she did still explain anything, fans could tell that she and Jaden Hossler were no longer together. 

Jaden, however, took to Twitter to clear some confusion. He straight forward tweeted, “i didn’t cheat on mads stop hating on me.” 

Jaden Hossler Tweet

A few days later, Mads also took to Twitter to put the record straight and said, “Jaden didn’t cheat on me so please stop commenting that on his stuff.”

Mads Lewis Twitter post

Neither Jaden nor Mads has revealed what caused their break-up but Jaden did tweet something on February 20. He tweeted, “last statement, it is hard . Very . I do love mads . I just believe some relationships aren’t for certain times . I really don’t think I would date anyone besides mads . She deserves the world . I just can’t give it to her right now . This doesn’t mean forever . Now please stop .”

Jaden Hossler Twitter post

Judging by their social media activities, it looks like they are still in touch with each other as friends. Jaden’s single, Comatose, which originally released on February 26, had its official music video out on March 4. Mads showed her support to Jaden by sharing the music video on her Twitter account. 

Jaden and Mads have told their fans that it was not cheating that caused their breakup but they are yet to tell why they actually broke up. We will get you covered on the matter once Jaden Hossler or Mads Lewis speak out anything about it. Stay tuned for updates.

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