TikToker Avani Gregg is dating YouTuber Anthony Reeves | Meet Avani Gregg’s boyfriend (Wiki/Bio)

Caption : Avani Gregg with her boyfriend

Avani Gregg and Anthony Reeves are one of the most popular TikTok couples right now. The couple became official on Instagram in late 2019 and they are already “couple goals” to many people of their age who follows them on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Here’s all we know about Avani Gregg and her boyfriend Anthony Reeves. Read on this wiki/bio to know everything about Avani Gregg and Anthony Reeves’ life before TikTok.

Avani Gregg: Age, Parents, Siblings

Avani was born on November 23, 2002, in Indianapolis, Indiana, to an American father and an Indian mother. Her mother’s name is Anisha Gregg. She grew up in her hometown with her two siblings - Shanti and Priya. 

Shanti, who is two years older than Avani, is also an internet sensation who rose to fame for her self-titled Instagram handle. The 19-year-old, who posts casual modeling and lifestyle photos on Instagram, has more than 34K followers as of now. 

Over with Avani, she was introduced to the social media world at the age of 14. As of now, the 17-year-old has over 100 times more followers on Instagram than her sister Shanti. Avani has also garnered a whopping amount of subscribers on YouTube, as well; 288K to be exact.

Talking of Avani’s TikTok, the young girl has the highest number of followers on this platform than anywhere else. As of February 2020, Avani has more than 10.9 million followers on TikTok. Avani has attracted so many followers on TikTok by posting dance, comedy, challenges, transition and other types of videos. 

Since 2019, Avani became a part of The Hype House, a group of social media influencers from LA, consisting of the world’s top TikTok stars like Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Dixie D'Amelio, Addison Rae, and Tony Lopez among others. The group has 21 members as of late. 

Well, this is all that Avani does at present. But what did she do before fame?

Avani is a trained gymnast who is trained in up to level 10 gymnastics. Her gymnastics career came to an end after suffering from a broken back. Nevertheless, she is still an amazing dancer and performer.

Who is Avani Gregg’s boyfriend, Anthony Reeves?

Anthony was born on November 2, 2001, in Ashland, Kentucky. His mother’s name is Lisa. He grew up alongside his three brothers. He is not a member of The Hype House but he sure is a TikTok star with more than 5 million followers on the video-sharing platform. He has been a member of Sway House since late 2019. The all-boys social group includes other TikTokers like Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, Jaden Hossler, Kio Cyr, Griffin Johnson, and Nick Bean. 

Avani and Anthony began dating in late 2019. The couple has their photos on Instagram dating back to November 2019 but neither of them had confirmed dating until the New Year. They confirmed their relationship by sharing a clip of them kissing.

This Valentine’s day, they even wished each other on Instagram by posting pictures of them snuggling. The couple had vacated in Hawaii shortly before.

Avani Gregg with Anthony Reeves

Before Avani confirmed her relationship with Anthony, fans speculated that she was dating Payton Moormeier but they turned out to be just good friends. 

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