Everything you need to know about Johnny Quick from ‘Street Outlaws’. What does he drive? Does he have kids?

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Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws has some of the fastest racing teams and members and Johnny Quick is one of them. He was won several races. Along with his successful career with street racing, he is also doing fine with his wonderful family. A new member got added to his family just a few years ago. Let’s get more details on Johnny being the new father. Who is the mother of his baby? Is he married to his girlfriend?

Who is Johnny Quick from Street Outlaws? What is his real name?

Johnny Quick who is mostly known for his appearance on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws is one of the fastest racers in America. He is originally from Detroit, Michigan. You might not know this yet but Johnny Quick is not his real name. His original name is John Kraner.

Johnny is no stranger when it comes to street racing and no prepping.  He is a grudge racer and a part of the Detroit team. He established himself as one of the fastest racers before even coming to Street Outlaws. But when he brought himself to Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws, he did not have to explain himself at all. His talent spoke louder than words.

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Johnny Quick’s family; Who is his girlfriend?

Johnny Quick son

Johnny Quick is in a relationship with his beautiful lady Nikki Girlonbusa. According to her Facebook bio, she is an NPC competitor- Ms. Natural Michigan Physique/ Motorcycle Drag racer. She is also from Detroit, Michigan like her partner.

Although it is unsure if the couple has already got married or not, they have been living together for a long time now.

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Johnny Quick and Nikki have a beautiful family of three. They have a son who is 2 years old named Cash Anthony Kramer.

Here’s a family picture, Nikki uploaded on her Facebook on Halloween’s day with the caption, Cash's first Halloween party!!! 

Their son, Cash, is already into cars and bikes. Some followers of Johnny Quick even commented that he is just like his daddy, ready to race.

Johnny Quick is preparing to replace his mustang car; What will he drive? 2021 updates

From the start, Johnny Quick is always seen riding his orange New Edge mustang. Although he updates it from time to time and changes the engines but has never painted another color.

However this time he has a new build underway to replace his car. He posted his new GTO on Facebook and wrote, Working on the beater the past few nights. Got front nose and trunk mocked up and fitted from midnight fabrication Nathan Broome. I needed a break from the orange car.

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Johnny's new car is already under the knife. It is going to be a big tire and full tube chassis build which will support the full line of JCR Composites and an AJE Hemi with an F3 ProCharger on alky. He is doing the work himself and getting it done in the JCR Chassisworks, and Automotive Customization Shop.

According to Johnny quick, the favorite thing about his upcoming car is that it is not another mustang

JCR Chassisworks also wrote on their Facebook page, ‘The new build has our new outlaw one pc frt clip (he has the frt of it too high in this pic/mockup which he is aware of). We built the air dam lower to accommodate many ride heights, so on very low ride height builds you need to cut the air dam and bond back on which is easily accomplished the way we have designed it. 

Find more progress of his new car from his Facebook page, Johnny Quick. 

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