Everything you need to know about Stephen Brindle and Team Megatron from Street Outlaws. Who is he dating?

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You might have been hearing a lot about Street Outlaws’ Stephen Brindle and his Team Megatron in 2021. Stephen is currently on the news for taking the first win home this year and for being a new father. He and his lady are happily blessed with a beautiful child in 2021. Who is the mother of his kids? Let’s find out more about his relationship. Also keep reading to find out about Team Megatron. Who is the owner of Megatron?

Stephen Brindle Team Megatron Mustang took the first win in Future Street Outlaws in 2021

Stan Allen who drove Stephen Brindle’s Megatron Mustang took the first win in Future Street Outlaws at the first No Prep Kings race in 2021. The race happened at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio.

Team Megatron - Stephen Brindle / StanAllen is the 2021 Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Outlaw Big Tire Winner.

Get more updates of Megatron races from the YouTube channel, Street Outlaws No Prep Talk.

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What is Megatron? Who owns and drives it?

Megatron is a twin-turbo proline all-black car owned by Stephen Brindle. It has a visible mustang logo on it. It contains a 500+ ci big block twin-turbo proline motor which makes it special and faster. 

Although Steven owns Megatron, it is always driven by Stan Allen. Steven and Stan are a team that is hard to beat when it comes to the street.

Steven’s Megatron has previously competed against some fastest cars like hyde, a musi powered Camaro and the junkyard dog.

Watch on YouTube how Megatron wins against Vega in 2020. Megatron's speed was brutually fast that it made Vega look too slow.

Who is Stephen in a relationship with? How long they have been together?

Stephen Brindle Alyssa Jewel Smith

Stephen is in an open relationship with his lady Alyssa Jewel Smith. She is a former Dental Assistant. She used to work at Louisiana Dental center.

Alyssa went to Bogalusa High School and graduated from delta College, LA. in 2019

According to their Facebook, their relationship started in Sept 2017. The couple celebrated their 4th anniversary in 2021.

Stephen and Alyssa’s kid; Her firstborn child

Stephen and Alyssa are recently blessed with a beautiful child. She gave birth to their son on July 19, 2021. His name is  Kohen James Brindle.

Before giving birth to Kohen, Stephen and Alyssa, who was nearly 9 months pregnant did tons of photoshoots. They both look adorable and the happiest parents to be.

Alyssa is very active on her social media. She uploaded many pictures of their baby and in one photo she wrote a caption, ‘I swear this boy is just like his daddy, tagging the father of course Stephen’.

Check out more pictures of Stephen and his baby from Alyssa’s Facebook.

You can find Stephen Brindle on Facebook too. His Facebook account’s name is @Stephen Brindle and his bio says, "the best Father I can be for my kids."

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