Kelsey Asbille leaving Yellowstone? What is going to happen to her character Monica Dutton-Long?

Caption : Kelsey Asbille

This is a piece of sad news for many Yellowstone fans as one of their lead stars got landed to a brand new series. It is truly confirmed that Kelsey Asbille who plays Monica Dutton on Yellowstone is going to star in a series probably at the end of 2021 or 2022. Although Yellowstone is an incredible drama series her new show also has a solid story itself. So, will Kelsey be able to make both shows work properly, or does she have to leave Yellowstone? Keep reading to find out what her new show is called. Is she going to appear in Season 4 of Yellowstone?

What happened to Monica Dutton in Yellowstone? Is she dead?

In the last season of Yellowstone which is Season 3, we saw various members of Monica’s family becoming subject to a series of attacks. In one scene Monica is getting dragged by the man luck Tate was there who saved her. He shoots the man to keep Monica safe but that incident takes it to another level in Monica and Tate’s life. Both of them got disturbed and traumatized by it. Luckily Monica is not dead. The viewers don’t want Dutton to die at all.

Is Kelsey Asbille thinking of leaving Yellowstone?

You may not have heard of this but Kelsey Asbille signed up for another show just after the end of season 3 of Yellowstone. The name of her new show is Gaslight which is a thriller tv series. Her role in the show is Becca. The filming of the show would begin in 2021 which might affect Kelsey’s role on Yellowstone as Monica.

As much as what we saw in season 3 of Yellowstone we have not acknowledged her character being either cut off or dead. And since Kelsey also has already started filming for a new season of Yellowstone in 2020 we will surely see her in season 4. But if she has already made clear about leaving the series then the producers would have no problem cutting her off because the season is having the biggest cliffhanger. As of now, Kelsey has not publicly expressed about either quitting or continuing the series so we can only hope to see her in season 5.

What will be Monica’s story in Season 4 of Yellowstone? Spoiler for Season 4

First of all, season 4 of Yellowstone is going to be greatly intensified with many new plots and twists. Monica would be leaving with her son from the Yellowstone ranch. She is someone who fights for her family and especially when it comes to wanting to become a good mother. Asbille herself said in the interview that she is not only done with Duttons and ranch but also a bit Kayce too. According to Asbille, her character is going to have an unexpected personality and for the viewers, it can be the different side of Monica they may not have seen yet. They can expect the new season to be dark and the biggest cliffhanger so far.

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