Why Hallmark movie star Danica McKellar left for a new network, the GAC family

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The most recognizable face of Hallmark, Danica McKellar is departing from the network in 2021. It is surprising to see one-by-one hallmark actors exiting but along with them leaving the channel, the actors have another thing in common. Mostly all of the actors are landing on the same network named GAC for their future projects. It seems like the GAC family is making itself a destiny for great family-friendly content and storytelling. Let’s get into Danica’s departure from Hallmark in detail and also find out who the other actors jumped to join GAC.

Danica McKellar says goodbye to Hallmark after more than 5 years

Danica McKellar who always made headlines for her special Hallmark Christmas movies is leaving the network for the new one in 2021.

Danica started starring in Hallmark movies in 2015. She has been overall involved in around 16 movies with them as of now. This made her latest released movie You, Me & The Christmas trees her last film with the network. The Christmas movie was officially released on Oct 22, 2021, and it already has good reviews and ratings.

Prior to that, her other incredible Christmas movies are Crown for Christmas, Christmas at Dollywood, Coming Home for Christmas, My Christmas Dream, Christmas at Grand Valley, and Christmas She Wrote.

The journey with Hallmark has surely been great for her as it made her one of the most popular actresses along with other Hallmark actresses like Jessica Lowndes and Lacey Chabert.

Danica on joining Hallmark’s competitor, GAC family/media

Danica has exclusively signed for four movies with the GAC network. GAC aka Great American Country family is an American TV network, owned by GAC Media. 

On the new network, you not only will see her as an actress but also an executive producer. 

If you are wondering how long her contract is with GAC, then according to our source, her GAC Family agreement extends through 2023.

The president and CEO of GAC welcomed Danica into the family saying she is a world-class talent who is among TV’s most beloved and enduring stars. He also added, her combination of creativity and passion is second to none, and he is much thrilled to have her join GAC’s close-knit family

Did Danica McKellar follow other actors to make her change in her career?

If you follow Hallmark actors or actresses then you might have read the news about them leaving the network for another just like Danica. Just earlier this month Cameron Mathison and Debbie Matenepoulos moved to GAC for Hallmark and actress Lori Loughlin from when calls the heart also moved from hallmark movies to GAC family.

Several actors decided to leave Hallmark and mostly all of their choices are to join GAC.  There are also rumors that other hallmark regulars like Chad Michael Murray, Cindy Busby, Dillion Casey, and many more could also join GAC in the future.

Many Hallmark fans are feeling sorry to leave their favorite character to another network. But some of them did claim that new hallmark movies are not the best as before and they are losing viewers. If this is the case then Danica along with other actors’ decisions might be beneficial to them in their careers. Find Danica on Instagram as @danicamckellar to get updates on her future movies and projects.

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