Where is Kris Kelly from Bering Sea Gold now? 2019 Updates

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Kris Kelly from the Bering Sea Gold cast last appeared on Season 10. He hasn't updated his Facebook in 2019. Read on to know about his age,  family and his whereabouts as of now.

Where is Kris Kelly from Bering Sea Gold now?

Kris Kelly has been off the radar since last appearing on the show's tenth season, which began just before summer.

In the last season, we saw Kelly go head to head with Shawn on The Bluff with his new dredge The Reaper and fend off encroaching miners. In Miners on the Storm, Kelly along with the Bering Sea Gold cast was forced to leave the mining grounds and repair their dredges. He ended up losing his lead diver in the episode Every Ounce Counts and invented a new form of prospecting in Closing the Gap.

Kelly has a Facebook page but he hasn't been active on it since December of 2017. His last Facebook post was on December 26, 2017 when he created a fundraiser for his birthday. 

Kris Kelly family on Bering Sea Gold

Kris Kelly family

Kris Kelly wasn't alone in his journey to become Nome's gold king. His crew comprised of his father Brad Kelly and brother Andy Kelly. But fans may argue that his family did more damage than help. Their chaotic family life was well documented over the series.  In Season 9, Kelly decided to unite his family by bringing his mother, Wendy Kelly, to Nome. 

Bering Sea Gold Season 10 recap

The Bering Sea Gold cast returned for Season 10 on March 30, 2018. The first episode of the season, titled Enter a Titan, saw Kelly head to The Bluff with a new dredge and work through complications. He ended up finding some of the best gold and Shawn joined him in the second episode, Crash Course.

The two dealt with encroaching miners, while new comer Ken Kerr's 600 ton best Myrtle Irene continued to invade. The season ended with Shawn and Ken coming face to face after a season of squaring off. Bering Sea Gold Season 10 ended on June 15, 2018.

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