Things you should know about TikTok star Lauren Godwin: Who is her boyfriend?

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Lauren Godwin was a big name on the now-defunct app,, which evolved as TikTok in 2018. Having said that, we should note that Lauren Godwin is still a popular icon on TikTok where she has more than 18.7 million followers. She also has a YouTube channel with more than 911K subscribers.

Back in late 2018, Lauren was backlashed by a huge number of people on the internet for messing up with the famous makeup palette by James Charles. Her online activity not just attracted negative comments but death threats as well. Where is Lauren Godwin now in 2020? Who is she dating? Here’s a Lauren Godwin bio/wiki to keep you updated with all the details on this famous internet personality.

Where is Lauren Godwin from? Who are her parents?

Lauren is a 20-year-old internet sensation hailing all the way from Houston, Texas. She was born on February 21, 2000, to Christopher Godwin and D’Ann Godwin. She is the only child of the Godwin couple.

Lauren features a lot of people on her Instagram handle and her parents have also appeared on her Instagram quite a few times. Interestingly, her parents are also regular guests on her TikTok account, as of late. 

Here’s one of her recent TikTok uploads where she played a funny prank on her mother.

Here’s another TikTok video of her fooling her mother with a tricky question. 

And this one here is where she lost her $100 to his father after he successfully completed her challenge.

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Who is Lauren Godwin’s boyfriend, Sebastian Bails?

Lauren has been open about her relationship on all her social media sites. She has been dating Sebastian Bails, who is also a famous TikTok star and YouTuber. 

Lauren and Sebastian have been dating for a year now. The first time Lauren introduced Sebastian on her YouTube channel was in February 2019 when he did his signature makeup on her. Lauren referred to Sebastian as her friend in that video. 

A month later, in her second video with Sebastian, she referred to him as her boyfriend. Since then, the two have frequently guested on each other’s channels. Back in September 2019, the couple appeared on the Famous Birthday YouTube channel where they played various fun games.

Lauren shared this cute montage on Instagram on her birthday this year. 

Lauren Godwin destroyed a James Charles palette for TikTok video

In late 2018, Lauren made a TikTok video of her destroying a limited edition James Charles palette. The video earned her a lot of hateful comments, calling her disrespectful and rude. She did reply to a few comments saying that she only wanted to see people’s reactions but the negative comments did not stop. 

James Charles himself reacted to the video on Twitter saying, “There are people who can’t afford the palette, can’t get it because it’s sold out, or who have been scammed by knock offs… and she’s gonna buy one just to destroy for likes… on TikTok? This ain’t it sis.”

James Charles' tweet

Lauren then shared a written statement and made a YouTube video apologizing to the offended people. Meanwhile, she shared a sarcastic tweet saying, “I wish people would put the same energy into REAL WORLD ISSUES if breaking a makeup pallete is the most of ur worries SISTER u r blllessseedddd! new vid up today on youtube explaining my side stay tubed [sic]”

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