Things you should know about TikTok star Alex French: Did she really call her critic by the “N” word?

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Alex French is one of the trending names on the internet world at present. Thanks to TikTok, Alex has become an overnight success by uploading comical and energetic dancing and lip-syncing videos on the site. In late 2019, Alex was involved in a highly controversial rumor that she used an “N” word during a conversation with her critic. Was it really her being racist or did someone faked the messages to set her up in this controversy? While her loyal fans adhered to the belief that Alex French would never do that, a YouTube channel about TikTok gossip did thorough research and got to a conclusion. 

Who is Alex French? Where is she from?

Alex French is an American TikToker. She was born in Frisco, Texas, to Stephanie French and Bart French as their first-born. Till this day, Alex has shared pictures of her mother and father quite a few times on her Instagram handle (@alexxfrench). 

Alex shared this picture of her childhood with her dad to wish him a happy birthday.

And this one time, she shared his photo to wish him a happy father’s day.

Then this one time, she shared a series of pictures, including her father, mother, brother, and friends to acknowledge them for their endless support and love. 

Alex has a brother named James T. French. Judging by her Instagram posts, James celebrates his birthday on November 5.

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Idk 😐

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There’s one more member in Alex’s family and that’s her four-legged buddy, Annie. Annie is of Vizsla breed and she was born on August 10, 2014, which makes her 5 years old as of now. 

Alex was born on March 19, 2003, which means she is 17 years old at present. Yes, Alex is just 17 and not 20 (according to the rumors). Alex is currently attending McKinney Boyd High School in McKinney, Texas.

Did Alex French use the “N” word?

Alex joined the TikTok community in early 2019. She became a star on the site after a video of her saying “Hi” repeatedly went viral. Her TikTok account (@mynameisalex.french) now has over 3.1 million followers. 

In December 2019, Alex was accused of using the word n**ga in a conversation over Instagram DM. The backlash caught a lot of attention but there were her loyal fans who defended her saying that the DM was not real. 

Next, a YouTube channel did some research to find out if the accusations on Alex French were valid or not. If we consider the things said in the video, it really becomes hard to believe that the DMs were real.

The person messaging Alex says they had met at a party and then Alex says, “i know for a fact you’re black probably [sic].” If Alex had known the person why would she use the word “probably.”

You can also notice that the account that DMed the person looks a bit different than a normal Insta handle. There’s a gap between the numbers and the letter “k” when it says “87.4 k followers” when in reality, it would have been “87.4k” as the real Instagram does not have a gap between the two figures.

 Alex French Instagram comparison

Alex French has not spoken about the debacle so far but it’s clear that she was targeted by some negative people who wanted to ruin her career.

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