Lev Cameron Khmelev and Piper Rockelle are dating! Meet Lev Cameron Khmelev’s girlfriend

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Teen professional dancer Lev Cameron Khmelev is dating YouTube star/dancer Piper Rockelle. Their love is spilled all over their Instagram handles and fans can not handle the cuteness. Here’s all you need to know about Lev Khmelev and his girlfriend, mother, and career in this Lev Khmelev wiki.

Lev Khmelev’s mother, Irina Khmelev, is from Russia

Lev was born on October 11, 2005, in the U.S.A. He was born to a Russian mother. His mom Irina Khmelev is originally from Novosibirsk, Russia. They are currently living in Los Angeles. Lev does not have any siblings. 

It’s not exactly known when Irina moved to the U.S.A. but her Facebook suggests that she came to the U.S.A. after completing her studies. Irina went to Novosibirsk State Medical Academy - a medical academy in Novosibirsk, Russia, for training qualified doctors. She graduated in 1986.

lev khmelev with his mother

Irina has mentioned on her Facebook that she is married. In fact, she has even revealed the date of her wedding as March 2, 2002. However, she has not revealed any information about her husband. 

Lev, on the other hand, has shared pictures of his mom on his Instagram handle but he has not revealed any pictures of his dad until date.

Lev Khmelev appeared in Justin Timberlake’s song in 2016

Lev began dancing at a very young age. He earned mainstream at age eleven after appearing in So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. He was in the top 30 but did not go anywhere from there. Lev did not take this as a failure but as an inspiration to work even harder, as a result of which, he landed a spot in singer Justin Timberlake’s hit song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” that same year. The song has over 1.1 billion views on YouTube.

Lev Khmelev Justin Timberlake

In 2016, Lev also landed a role in horror TV series, My Haunted House. He appeared in the role of Henry in an episode called The Nanny & The Bayou. Then in 2017, he appeared on the NBC talent show, Little Big Shots. He was partnered with dancer Sofia Sachenko on the show. 

Most recently, in October 2018, he appeared as a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors Season 1. He was partnered with MasterChef Junior winner Addison Osta Smith and was mentored by Keo Motsepe.

Who is Lev Khmelev’s girlfriend, Piper Rockelle?

If you follow Lev on Instagram then you must already know that Lev is in a relationship with young web star Piper Rockelle. She is a famous YouTuber who has amassed over 4.29 million subscribers in Piper Rockelle, a channel created in November of 2016. Rockelle is also a dancer, singer, and gymnast as well as an Instagram sensation with more than 2.5 million followers. In the past, Rockelle has competed in beauty pageants and also did some modeling. 

Lev Khmelev and Piper Rockelle

Rockelle has been primarily raised by her mom, Tiffany. Together, Rockelle and Tiffany run a cat rescue that shelters more than 100 cats as of now. Rockelle also has a pug named Frank Pugan

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